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Army Denies Mercenary Reports

13 July 2007 at 10:34 | 396 views

By Jonathan Leigh, Freetown.

Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Brigader
Nelson-Williams has reacted to what he referred
to as anomalies in two newspaper reports recently.

He first cited the POSITIVE CHANGE newspaper, the
mouthpiece of the opposition PMDC which he said erroneously
reported on Friday 15th June 2007 under the headline
300 Nigerian Mercenaries Jet In’ that these so-called
mercenaries are receiving from state coffers “the sum
of five hundred United States dollars monthly.” The
paper further reported that the situation “has angered
officials of the RSLAF.”

Nelson-Williams, the Defence Spokesman, also referred
to a publication in the African Champion of Monday
15th June 2007 which went the extra mile not only to
corroborate what POSITIVE CHANGE wrote but demanded that the
RSLAF should apologize if the story was true.

In Nelson-Williams’ words “there is absolutely no truth
in them whatsoever “but an assertion, he went on,
based on smear campaigns, rumours and innuendous
presumably viewed as an incitement and bent on
tarnishing the good image of the army.”

Elections, he explained, are instruments of
democratic governance that the military regard with
the highest esteem.

“Therefore, the military stands ready to give maximum support to the police force to ensure a smooth violence free, credible and peaceful enactment of these elections in consonance with the highest ideals of democratic governance. The military, being subjected to constitutional authority is de jure a significant component of good governance.”

Photo: Major General Sam Mboma, head of Sierra Leone army.