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APC master-stroke will please Kono voters

9 July 2007 at 05:28 | 300 views


By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.

The strategy behind the appointment of a Kono
running rate for the All People’s Congress (APC),
ahead of the August 11, 2007, Presidential and
Partliamentary elections, seems to be working
positively for the opposition party.

With the North and South divided and believed to be
strongholds for the APC and SLPP respectively, the
strategic diamondeferous district of Kono is obviously
the decisive base for the two leading political

The APC hierarchy confirmed to Patriotic Vanguard that the
appointment of Samuel Sam-Sumana was not only based on
his competence, but they believe it will lure votes
for the party for the eight seats in the district.
And from all indications, the strategy is gradually
yielding friuts on the side of the opposition.

It is believed that since the appointment of Sam
Sumana, many Konos believe the time is now ripe for
them to get close to the presidency.

Sahr Kortu Briwa, Editor of the Independent Voice
newspaper, said the people of Kono cannot afford to
miss what he described as ’a golden opportunity at
their doorstep.’ "They just cannot see this
opportunity slip off their hands like that".
Therefore, he said, they will do everything within
their power to vote for the APC.

"The SLPP has never considered Konos for such an
important national position ever since their rule, now
that the APC has given them the opportunity to prove
themselves, they will definitely grab that opportunity
with two hands."

Many Konos are of the opinion that under APC they will
be closer to the seat of power than they are under the
ruling SLPP.

Apart from the running mate issue, Konos also stand
closer to the seat of power should the APC come to
power since the wife of the party leader, Sia Koroma,
herself a native of Kono, will eventually become the
First Lady.

Sia, currently in the United States of America, is
expected back home and many are of the opinion that
she will use the ’APC Strategy’ as a campaign tool to
win votes in favour of her husband’s party.

Another prominent name under the APC belt is Diana
Konomanyi, seen by many as the APC Iron Lady.

Diana was very instrumental in reviving the party in
the district and she is seen as the brain behind the
APC’s success in winning support for the party during
the Local Government Elections.

Whatever way you look at it, the Sam-Sumana political master-stroke is bound to soften the hearts of Kono voters in favour of the APC.