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APC-Europe Congratulates Sam-Sumana

7 July 2007 at 21:29 | 339 views

Press Release.

Members of the APC-Continental Europe wish to congratulate Mr. Samuel Sam-Sumana upon his appointment as the APC Party Presidential Running Mate. We welcome Mr. Sam-Sumana with opens hands. We pray that God Almighty grant him the required wisdom and understanding in running the office of a vice president after August 11th. It is against this back drop that we want to assure him of our unflinching support and commitment.

Our leader Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma, who is determined to rebuild our broken economy after being elected president of Sierra Leone on the 11 August, has demonstrated a good start by having Mr. Sam-Sumana as his running mate. We thank him for making such a difficult decision. We are happy that he was able to display his leadership qualities by making a choice that is acceptable to all of us.

To the various candidates who were not selected for the running mate position, we encourage you to continue to show the leadership qualities you have always displayed. Please continue to speak out on the issues that will empower the APC party in order to develop Sierra Leone in this 21st century.

Once again to you Mr. Samuel Sam-Sumana, we wish you the best of God’s guidance and direction. We pray that your nomination will bring a new beginning and new opportunities not only for our party, the APC, but also for our country Sierra Leone.

Simon Sesay.
Secretary General,
APC Continental Europe.

Photo: The wife of the APC leader, Mrs. Sia Koroma(sitting foreground), at the launch of the Holland branch of the APC last year.