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APC attacks on President Bio

19 November 2018 at 16:47 | 2554 views


By Lahai Lawrence Leema,SLPP National Publicity Secretary.

The APC’s shameless and pointless demonstration recently before the UK authorities reminds me of the equitable maxim, ‘’he who comes to equity must come with clean hands’’ or "he who comes to equity must do equity”.

Reflecting on the aforesaid equitable maxim concomitant with the 10 years of DICTATORSHIP, VIOLENCE, ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, BASTARDIZATION OF THE COUNTRY’s 1991 CONSTITUTION, INSULTING THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY INCLUDING THE BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER AND THE COMMON WEALTH REPRESENTATIVES IN THE 2018 ELECTION UNDER THE APC ERNEST BAI KOROMA LED AND FAILED REGIME begs the questions: Does APC mean well for this country ? Is APC really a good party for this country? Is APC really “good for themselves”?

Unlike President Ernest Bai Koroma, President Bio (photo) inherited a government almost at the state of financial bankruptcy; inherited grossly compromised democratic institutions which had thrown to the dustbin almost all democratic processes and practices - the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone being no exception to the institutional decadence left behind by the Chairman-for-life, Ernest Bai Koroma.

As a calculated and a transformational Leader, President Bio one of Africa’s finest emerging leaders, has taken to re-branding the country by restoring competence and rebuilding those institutions and giving them independence to operate freely. The six month old President has already gained admiration from his counterparts in Africa and beyond. This means that while the APC operatives would take to the streets in the US and UK to deliberately paint a gloomy picture of the country in a drunken belief that they would discourage potential investors and international partners, the resident representatives of those international players would just report back home to their people and say, (as we have heard), don’t mind those thieves who want to protect their ill-gotten wealth grabbed over the past ten years, the country is peaceful and is being governed well.

President Bio and his following who had suffered the worst humiliation, undignified treatment both in and outside, in the hands of the monstrous and deadly 💀 APC, had chosen to let go in order to build an inclusive society that is prosperous and at peace with itself. Had this SLPP decided to pay back just 25% of the ruthless, unfair and discriminatory treatments meted out by EBK and his caboodle on people perceived to be supporters of the SLPP whether from the south and the East or from the north, the books would have recorded hundreds of rape cases on the APC headquarters and the public offices would have been empty by now and replaced with SLPP supporters thousands of whom still remain jobless despite their party being in power. The few public servants replaced so far by the President are based on reasons ranging from incompetence, corruption, and lack of trust.