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Another Big Fish to Join PMDC Soon

30 January 2007 at 02:12 | 955 views

By Gibril Koroma, Vancouver, Canada.

Barely a few days after the PMDC leadership announced the joining of their party by Hinga Norman and other former warring faction leaders, the Patriotic Vanguard has been reliably informed that yet another big fish in Sierra Leonean political circles is about to join that party.

The PMDC North America Chairman, Dr. Baimba Kamara(photo) revealed this to me earlier today when I called him for an exclusive interview. Dr. Kamara, based in the USA, said the individual, who enjoys the support of hundreds of thousands of voters, will make an announcement in Sierra Leone just before the PMDC convention scheduled for early March in the southern capital of Bo.
Dr. Kamara, a lawyer, laughed off the remarks of another lawyer, Dr. John Leigh who said over the weekend that the signatures on the statement by Norman and others were forgeries. Kamara said Leigh was only exhibiting the normal skeptical reaction of any lawyer when evidence is presented to him or her.

“We hope Dr. Leigh would not continue to make more mistakes as more and more
evidence will come out soon. We would not put the credibility of our party at stake by putting out false information, trust me. Do you think the SLPP secretariat in Freetown would have been silent if this is false? What about the friends and families of the indictees? Don’t you think they would have protested if this were untrue? Hinga Norman is now with us, that’s history” Kamara said.

I also called up Moijue Kaikai, another staunch PMDC executive in London and he re-echoed Dr. Kamara’s sentiments, adding that he (Moijue) is constantly in touch with some of the indictees by phone. “That document is true and authentic”, he said.

Reverend SamForay, one of the people very close to Chief Hinga Norman said he would comment fully on the issue later. For now his attention is fully taken by Norman’s surgical operation which will come up soon. He however contemptuously dismissed any suggestion of a forgery with regards to the Chief’s signature.