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Ancestral Heartbeat

20 February 2008 at 07:27 | 591 views

Indignity gobbles a resentful cup of agbo mixture

As oppression’s mental chains scar-tissue rupture.

Redemption from scorpion whips, at summer-heat

Tenor of hope sings victory as ancestral heartbeat.

I spectate in wide-eye wonder an unhallowed fame

Tsunami storm ravaged through my ancestral home.

Judas nursed reproach on beloved Christian name

Lust to gain: imbued action without fear or shame.

Ignoble, pious hands loathe for banal human hold

Then barter amiable souls for mere ounce of gold.

I saw teary, shrinking eyes and evolution testament

Conscience of morality honed mire disenchantment.

Would valor restitute the bright light with roar of tide?

When love plummets, God’s purpose will soar in time.

Soon, stoop the conqueror beneath the conquered

Noon droop, Freetown’s the Mecca of the expired.

Roland Bankole Marke 2008

Roland Bankole Marke is a widely published Sierra Leonean poet and writer, with 3 published books under his belt, including numerous articles, stories and poems published in several outlets. Visit his website;