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Amina Kamara Wins Miss West Africa 2008

13 November 2008 at 23:13 | 2313 views

By Lans Omar, PV Entertainment Editor.

The first annual Miss West Africa (UK) 2008 was on Saturday November 8th clinched by British born Sierra Leonean model Amina Kamara (pictured) in London, England.

She’s the official Miss West Africa 2008.

"I’ve been on many stages modelling but this is the very first time I’ve actually participated in a beauty pageant." Ms. Kamara told me in this interview after been crowned Miss West Africa (UK) 2008.

Born and raised in the UK to Sierra Leonean parents, Ms. Kamara is a hard working young woman who strides to succeed in everything she does. Spending her whole life studying Tourism and will be graduating this month at the University of Kent, UK.

In 2003, she visited Sierra Leone for the very first time where, according to her, she has withnessed some deplorable conditions among the people.

"Since then I just have this eagerness and passion to help my people." She told me. "I’ll use my talent and this new title to do whatever to eradicate paverty in Sierra Leone.

She has realized her main dream and passion is FASHION.

Amina Kamara has worked with various UK artists in videos and photoshoots and has also modelled for fashion designers and continues to find more work in this field.

"I still aspire to be the most successful model in the UK." She has mentioned in her Facebook group for this pageant.

At only 21yrs and standing tall at 5’10", Ms. Kamara had waited and anticipated this moment over two months since she registered to be part of this beauty contest.

Miss West Africa (UK) was set to be UK’s largest beauty pageant for 2008, with an intense competitive beauty of West African women from around the world. The pageant itselt will explore the beauties of these young women to bring you one single person of natural beauty, great talent, and brains to represent West African beauty worldwide: Amina Kamara.

On that great evening, eleven finallists from across the West Africa communities in the UK were competing for this prestigeous title, with Ms. Kamara emerging the princess of the night with the grand prizes.

Amongst the prizes that she took home is a cash prize in UK pounds funds and a return ticket to Nigeria, etc.

Ms. Kamara will thank all the people that have supported her through out this pageant: "My appreciation goes to my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Kamara; my management team, Ms Chantelle Lewis and Mr Vernon Chikontwe; my hairstylist, Excel World; all my family members, friends and supporters through out this venture."

And finally the new beauty queen has this to say: " I want to raise awareness of the importance of our beloved country and what it means to be Sierra Leonean. Being Sierra Leonean is the most beautiful thing to me."