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Aerosmith Star Aids Sierra Leone Orchestra

30 June 2006 at 04:33 | 422 views

29 June 2006
World Entertainment News Network
Jun 29, 2006 (WENN via COMTEX)

Generous AEROSMITH star JOE PERRY has given a refugee orchestra from Sierra Leone a boost as they tour America, spreading the word about their country’s plight.

The guitarist and his wife are sponsoring THE REFUGEE ALL STARS OF SIERRA LEONE(photo) at a show in Vermont, where the rocker lives.

Perry was inspired to dig deep to help the touring musicians secure a concert date in his adopted home state after watching the documentary REFUGEE ALL STARS, which featured the musicians.

The 2005 film showed how the orchestra formed in an African refugee camp and went on to wow the world.
Perry tells, "The producers were asking around to see if they could get some funding, and asked my wife and I for a contribution. We just said, ’Give us the bill. We’ll take care of it.’

"We want to help, if even in a small way."