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Abundant Prosperity is Your Divine Birthright

3 November 2007 at 21:06 | 848 views

By Dr. Norm Williams

Have you ever wondered why people who work very hard have little to show for their labour compared to those who expend relatively little effort? The answer is quite easy. The amount of prosperity we attract is inversely proportional to the effort we put in. Therefore, it should not be surprising that those who work the hardest are remunerated the least!

Unfair, you might say. Such a conclusion is reached by those who do not understand how the Universe operates. It’s important that you recognize that you’re a part of the Universe. Therefore, if you’re not attracting the prosperity you desire, you may be expending too much effort. You must follow nature’s example.

It’s erroneous to believe that you have to work hard to get what you want. You may have heard the chant: “No pain, no gain.” You may even have used it as your mantra to convince your subconscious mind to believe it. Well, I must tell you that it’s false. It’s simply not true.

Feeling pain is an unpleasant experience. And you should know that the Universe wants only the best for you. It wants you to succeed so that you can have fuller expression in this world. Therefore, I’m sure that you can see an obvious inconsistency here.

You’re supposed to love and enjoy whatever you do for your livelihood and be very passionate about it. If that’s not the case, what you’re doing could be hazardous to your overall well-being. Besides, doing what you do not like will thwart your creativity and stress you out to the point of making you very unhappy. You run the risk of getting sick as a result. And the Universe does not want that to happen to you. In accordance with the Law of Being, abundant prosperity, good health and happiness are your divine birthright.

Furthermore, not everyone gets what he or she wants by working hard. Just look around you.

However, everyone who works smart gets what he or she wants. To work smart entails taking steps to harmonize your thoughts, deeds and actions with the Universe, others and your surroundings. And you must recognize that much effort is only necessary for operations performed on the physical plane.

For example, look at nature. Trees, flowers, and grass grow effortlessly. And it takes no effort for the stars, the moon, and the sun to move. Similarly, without any effort, we see one season ending and another beginning as part of a natural cycle.

As a result, we look forward to the freshness of spring after the dankness of winter and anticipate a wonderful summer to be followed by a beautiful autumn. However, we seem to take these changes in nature which occur effortlessly for granted. Nature is drawing something important to our attention that we need to think about. Are the changes we see meant to teach us a lesson about renewal?

You are, indeed, a part of nature. Does it seem plausible that you should view the changes brought about by way of the different seasons as evidence of the need for our self-renewal? Whereas there are many people in the world who practise self-renewal in order to change their situation, it seems the vast majority has given up on life. We should endeavour to rise from your present condition to a new and better state of existence in this world.

I know that there are many of you who, for different reasons, feel you are unworthy and undeserving of your share of the Universe’s goodness. And there are others who believe the odds are against them becoming prosperous. This mindset contributes to making your situation a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s as counterproductive as believing you can manipulate people in order to make worthwhile gains or that you can succeed at others’ expense.

However, you must understand that there’s no need to covet anyone else’s prosperity because there’s more than enough in the world for each of us. Present in the Universe is an unlimited supply of all good things for every human being that is held in the invisible right now. Yours is waiting for you to claim it. No one must have less so another may have more. Yours will come to you by the power of your understanding faith. When you demonstrate unwavering faith you’ll not be disappointed. You must believe this truth.

Regardless of your gender, age, racial or ethnic background, whether you have any religious beliefs or not, you were born to be prosperous. This fact is in accordance with divine, immutable law. No one but yourself can deny you this privilege.

Therefore, you should know that no matter what your present circumstances are, you can improve upon them. This is due to divine impulse seeking expression through you. Your belief will make your prosperity a reality.

Many people tell me that they follow the expert guidance provided by others on how to achieve what they want. However, they meet with little or no success. They persuade me that they ask boldly, develop a deep feeling of desire with enthusiasm, visualize it, believe it, take action, and, yet, they fail to receive their prosperity. Are you one of these people?

Whereas, in general, it seems there’s nothing wrong with the approach used, the problem may lie in the actual application. Please allow me to explain.

You have the ability to change your circumstances once you recognize the difference in operating on the physical plane compared to the spiritual realm. It’s important to understand that while considerable effort (force) is usually required to accomplish a task on the physical plane, it is not the same in the case of work performed in the spiritual or mental realm.

For example, the more force you exert on a screw the faster it goes into a wall. In the case of the mental or spiritual, it works in quite the opposite way, in accordance with the Law of Relaxation-one of the great mental laws. This is because in terms of the latter reliance is placed on the Universe, and not on you, to achieve the desired result.

It is well known that using effort creates tension and stress and induces anxiety; all of which are unspiritual. It is, therefore, important that you examine your action if you’re not receiving that for which you ask.

As a rule, you should take no action until you know what you want and are able to visualize it. In the event you feel overwhelmed or anxious, or have doubt, it’s a sign that you’re not ready to act.

When you’re ready to take action, you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your soul. You’ll come up with the appropriate action and it will get you in tune with the Universe; hence, you’ll love what you’re doing. Since you’ll be in harmony with the Universe, the associated forces will align themselves in the direction from which your good will flow to you. The Universe will reward you for taking the action you’ve taken, and, as a result, you’ll receive abundant prosperity.

*Dr. Norm Williams(photo) is a Toronto-based author/writer, seminar/workshop leader, business and personal coach. He is an internationally renowned self-actualization/personal-growth authority, inspirational/motivational speaker and a student of human molecular biology, positive psychology and metaphysics. His new book, Take Steps to Realize Your Dreams (, is a powerful self-help/spiritual, inspirational and motivational guide.