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AA Principal debunks rumour

By  | 31 October 2007 at 04:04 | 980 views

Mr. Albert Kawa,principal of one of Sierra Leone’s oldest secondary schools, the Albert Academy, has said contrary to recent newspaper stories, the school does not have a toilet problem, but a water problem, like most schools in Freetown.

In a recent letter to the one of the school’s alumni associations in the United States(the Washington chapter)Mr. Kawa wrote:

"May I take this opportunity to correct the misinformation that is floating everywhere that there are “NO TOILETS” at the School. This information is completely false. There are in fact “PIT and FLUSH TOILETS”. What we do not have on the compound is WATER."

"However, we received soul saving news from the Chairman of the Georgia Chapter and an Executive member of the UK Branch who celebrated Founders Day with us that the Washington and UK Chapters will do all that lies within their power to bring water to the School by December, 2007; a piece of news welcomed by all Academicians."

The AA principal also announced that the school has decided to honour all its deceased workers.

"As part of our 103rd Anniversary Celebration, the National Executive and the School have decided to conduct a Memorial Thanksgiving Service for all deceased workers of the Albert Academy and unveil paintings of illustrious sons and daughters of the School on Thursday 29th November, 2007 on the School Grounds at 2:00pm."

"In the light of the above, I am requesting that anyone who knows the name / names of such deceased workers to send it / them to me not later than 20th November, 2007 and where possible also send the contact address / addresses (before they passed away) of the deceased worker / workers," Kawa concluded.

Photo: AA principal Albert Kawa on a visit to the United States in 2003.