A Sierra Leonean Tournament in Philly

25 July 2007 at 12:40 | 1597 views

By Alpha Lebbie (Fonz).

The all-Sierra Leonean tournament is an annual soccer tournament for Sierra Leonean soccer teams from most states in the USA. This year’s tournament took place in Philadelphia on Saturday , July 21st.

Several teams from California in the west coast to Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia, in the east coast plus other teams from Ohio and Denver in the central regions of the States were present.

This year’s annual event was marked with some violence which triggered police presence on the ground and a helicopter hovering over spectators. This happened minutes into the day’s tournament when police were called to the scene where supposedly a Sierra Leonean had slashed the ear lobe of another Sierra Leonean from Philadelphia.

According to a few spectators that I spoke with, the melee started when a man confronted another with whom he had had a misunderstanding.

Before anybody’s attention could be focussed on the quarrel, a sharp cry was heard with a victim crying that his earlobe had been slashed. Someone in the crowd then called the police to the scene. Soon there were police on the ground and a police helicopter hovered over the spectators as the police tried to search for whoever may have done this cruel slashing.

This however interrupted the tournament for some time. The games resumed however, and Maryland is the proud winner of this year’s tournament. Last year it was held in Boston- Massachusetts.

A disco night usually attends this tournament. At nigh, too, the scene was far from peaceful. When it was announcement time, a guy from California announced that his sneakers had been stolen at the stadium whilst the games were going on.

He further went on to say that he suspected the thief to have come from Maryland. For that he uttered a " mammy cuss". Almost immediately the disco night became a ’mammy cuss" competiton with invectives coming from all angles of the hall. Despite that the disco lasted till 2 am.

* Alpha Lebbie(photo) is the Patriotic Vanguard’s USA Bureau Chief.