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A Reply from Toegondoe Sagba aka Morie Mussafa

21 May 2007 at 00:15 | 304 views

Mr. Taylor-Kamara,
I have to be honest with you in saying that I have always respected your approach to issues. But for the first time, I have to say that you have surprised me by many factors regarding your theses. I can only conclude that you "jumped" on all my postings withourt really undrstanding either the specific objects of each posting, or you failed to understand the overall objective in my writings about the running mate issue. I shouldn’t be surprised, though, since it took you at least three weeks to delve into the matter.

Right off the bat, I can pick on your intent to trivialize the importance of decision making in leadership. And if you think decision making is such an unimportant issue in leadership, then, Mr. Kamara, you may just be putting new colors of your intuitive capabilities for the first time since I have known you on Leonenet.

For you to even support the adage "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it", tells me that you believe that since SLPP has done everything right, no one else should try to do any different. My God, Mr. Taylor-Kamara, if I wasn’t priviy to your mentality in some of your previous writings, I would have concluded that you are quite naive and inexperienced about politics and public policy.

Please answer the following before advancing further arguments:
1. What is it that the SLPP has done so well that it doesn’t need fixing? Answer that question in relation to:
a. Has the SLPP provided for the country the basic necessity that all citizens require for a better standard of living?
b. Are you aware of the increase in crime rate?
c. Are you aware of the frivolous spending the SLPP is doin on Berewa’s campaign?
d. Can you substantiate how Berewa nd SLPP got that money?
e. Do you believe (or not) as to whether Berewa and SLPP are diverting public funds
for his campaign?
f. Do you believe that its better for the people to be given money during elections or
is it better for such money used for the objectives they were given for?
g. Do you think there is no corruption in Sierra Leone? Do you believ that donor
monies have been equitably utilized for the purposes they were donated?

Believe me, Ibrahim, your answers to these questions will entice me to either continue with you on this discussion or stop right here because I trust that you are a genuine nationalist with the national interest at heart.

As for the running mate issue, please take this from me and ask everyone of those media that printed Part I, they will tell you that I sent BOTH Part I and Part II AT THE SAME TIME. Please prove me wrong and respond back to this forum.

I really believe that if you trivialize the ability for a Presidential candidate to appoint a running mate so early in the governmental responsibilities of a President, then you must join the rest of those I call the SLPP SHEEP OF FOLLOWERS. Remembet that I am giving you more credit than you are actually disposing in your points of view. My position is this:

Since this is always the first test of a Presidential candidate’s ability to "decide", if Berewa takes almost 2 years to decide on a running mate, how can anyone put confidence in his future decison making capability in government? THE MAN JUST CANNOT BE A DECISIVE LEADER, HE IS NOT QUALIFIED AND SLPP SHOULD NOT RULE ANY MORE.

Also, if you really think that the selection of Tejan Jalloh is a negative decision, then you should reassess what can be considered positive political dynamics in respect to running mate selection. First, accept that SLPP is negligent in that arena, so it shouldn’t even be considered a factor in this discussion.

But let me remind you that PMDC is NOT a tribalistic or a regionally based party. And PMDC is not an ideological party. PMDC is about giving power to the most qualified unlike SLPP which acts by croneism, nepotism and MONEYTARY POWER. That’s why only OUTSIDERS are given leadership power in the powerty...Kabba and now Berewa.

Finally, you kept saying I gave weak arguments, but you didn’t give any alternative "strong" strong arguments. Its not enough to just say that mine are weak. Please advance your own STRONG arguments and let us all see.