Letter to editor

A Reaction to Bayraytay’s Article on Freetown’s Filth

8 November 2005 at 04:35 | 381 views

I cant believe your attack on the ruling party for the city’s dirt. I
will honestly tell you without any political intention that Freetown has
been dirty since I settled there in the early 70’s.I dont know when you
left Freetown but attacking the party for this is wrong.Do you want the party
to jail someone for failing to clean his own compound?Are you not seeing Canadians
how they live?

With your life at home did you not see people putting dirt in
gutters and sidewalks at night or putting excrement in plastic bags and depositing it on
the streets?
Are you helping city council to play politics?

I think the idea is just crying down the powers that be. I dont think that
city will be clean without the people being clean. Try to disconnect
politics and cleanliness.There are a lot of compounds more dirty than the
streets themselves in Freetown.When are you in person going to leave Canada to go and implement a good
idea on how to keep Freetown clean?

Issa Koroma

Editor’s note: Mr. Koroma, from my understanding of Bayraytay’s article, I don’t think he is playing politics with Freetown’s garbage. He, like many other Sierra Leoneans, believes it is the constitutional and moral duty of the government in power to put in place efficient mechanisms to clean the city.Nobody expects members of the government to go out and physically clean our capital but they can at least provide the enabling environment for that to happen. Thanks for writing.

Another Response:

Hey Bayraytay,

Yu dey????

...I like the filth politics’ drift! But there is more to it than playing politics with dirt.

Seriously, this bunch of reckless political elites just cannot do anything right! These wayward and venal politicians are so busy filling their pocket and stomach that garbage collection’ is just not part of the plan.

You mean, a kerb-crawling and free wheeling state thief with big appetite for expensive cars and homes, is going to bother fixing dirt in the neighbourhood? Forget it, man! It is politics...but it is more of greed, greed and greed! I tell you, these so called ruling class have lost their humanity!

You really do not need a high-definition goggles’ to discern Salone problems..........just check out the jeeps, SUVs and the sprawling housing estate in Western Freetong! But Salone will continue in this state for sometime! For a system that gives a charter to brazen unchecked greed is a system heading for self-destruction!

It still remains that in Salone politics is a greedy game-----with the spoils of office being shared between members of the same elite’ wearing different political colours!!!

Freetong unattended bin is more than political colours!!!

Keep up the good work!! The Patriotic Vanguard is up to it!

Gibs, thanks for the posting!


Osman Lahai