A look at American Voters and Politicians

29 October 2012 at 00:08 | 2480 views

By Vivian Gorvie, USA.

I am amazed at the simplicity of some voters the world over, but it seems to me that the average American voter who who is supposed to be enlightened takes the icing on the cake. Wow! That says a ton. You mean some American voters are more naive than third world voters? Americans go all over the globe preaching democracy, freedom of speech and full participation of ordinary citizens. But at home, some of them would pull all the stops to suppress people (especially minorities) from voting. These double standards are sending mixed signals to people who look up to America for leadership. The only difference between the current crop of some US politicians and third world dictators is that the dictators use guns and thugs, whilst US politicians buy the press (spending massive money on TV and radio ads) and twist the laws to suppress opposition.

US politician I am talking to you. “You are equally corrupt, probably worse than the worst third world dictator”. Prove me wrong by passing laws right now to limit campaign contributions and to restrict and control lobbyist use of money in politics.In this age of technology a Presidential candidate goes about lying and flip flopping on critical issues like he is acting a concert of who lies best ( with so much evidence against him), yet he is still in the race? What message are you sending to your children? Are you saying that lying is ok? Are you saying that lying does not matter? Are you saying it’s ok for your children to lie to get what they want? Where is the press in America? Are the pressmen and journalist of the great US of A now salesmen? Are they busy selling airtime to meet Corporate Targets? What is the role of the American press? Are they exposing lies and asking critical questions on behalf of the heavily burdened people with no voice? The questions I want to ask Americans are:

1. Americans are you reading or researching the facts independently?

2. Are you infected by eye-literacy (just watching lying propaganda on TV)?

3. Are you motivated to vote by race or facts?

4. Do you appreciate your current social programs or hate them? (Will getting rid of them make you better off?)

5. Do you believe in the American dream? (Everyone regardless of race, family or social status having a fair chance at success)

6. Do you love peace, being the world’s economic powerhouse, land of the free and leaders of the free world?

7. Finally after reviewing the record of the two candidates, who do you trust to provide jobs and secure your future? (A Profiteer, outsourcer with a record of milking companies and firing workers, a pioneer of outsourcing to China, with a record of off-shore accounts and secret tax returns or a Community organizer with a record of raising the economy out of the brink, stabilizing wall street, saving the Auto industry, providing affordable health care, bringing our sons and daughters home from Iraq and killing Bin Laden?)

The answers to the above will not only determine who you vote for but will also determine your well being and that of the world economy for years to come. If you vote stupidly the consequences could be dire for you, your families and the world economy and millions all over the world. However to get the correct perspective and right answers to the above questions, you will need to come out of your comfort zone and research the facts don’t just take what they tell you prove it. If not you will end up voting against yourself and become THE SIMPLEST VOTER ON EARTH.

Note: Vivian Gorvie is a Sierra Leonean accountant now resident in Maryland, in the United States. Only by the mercy of God after he was captured by rebels and by a laser thin stroke of providence, survived the nation’s civil war.