Letter to editor

A Letter For Our Correspondent Kofi Akosa-Sarpong

24 November 2005 at 03:52 | 329 views

Dr. Daniel Osabu-Kle, Ghanaian political scientist based in Ottawa reacts to a recent the article by Kofi on traditional rulers and politics in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Kofi is also from Ghana.

Dear Kofi,

Praxis suggests to us that theory and action must be mutually
reinforcing. Participation of traditional rulers in the development
process is not a new subject. The so- called modern elites have failed
not only Ghana but Africa as a whole. During the Sierra Leone crisis,
most of the modern elites took to their heels, left the people to
suffer only to return later when conditions were appropriate for
cashing in to line their pockets. The chiefs honored their oaths,
stayed with the people and some of them were massacred. Who then is the
good shephered, the modern eleites who run away or the traditional
rulers who faced the challenges bravely? My book explains all these.

I am sick and tired of these empty lectures which end nowhere. We have
our own democracy compatible with our own culture. Why should we
reject ours and take on the inappropriate ones? It is up to the people
of Ghana to determine who the good shepherds are and involve them not
only in their affairs but also in the development process. The
avaricious modern elites will never willingly surrender their power
unless the people compel them to do so. Any person who thinks
otherwise is lost.


Photo: Dr. Daniel Osabu-Kle.