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Musician of the Week: Amie Kallon

PV Staff In Sierra Leone, what is known as traditional music or folk music is not generally considered marketable music and is therefore seldom recorded (...)

| March 2017 | 1713 views

$10,000 needed to bury Comrade Joseph Sherman

Commentary By Sanpha Sesay, APC-Texas PRO. The late Joseph Seidu Sherman’s body is still at a mortuary in Washington DC waiting for burial. Who is (...)

| February 2017 | 1582 views

Musician of the Week: Ahmed Janka Nabay

Ahmed Janka Nabay is the undisputed king of the bubu music of northern Sierra Leone, a frantically-paced electronic dance music with ancient, magical (...)

| February 2017 | 1368 views

Musician of the Week: Sampha Sesay

PV Staff Our Musician of the Week for this week is Sampha Sesay, a British pianist and singer with Sierra Leonean ancestry. Most Sierra Leoneans at (...)

| February 2017 | 1577 views

FBC: Public Lecture Announcement

Public Lecture Announcement Topic: Fourah Bay College and the Sierra Leonean Diaspora Speaker: Professor Alusine Jalloh (...)

| February 2017 | 2098 views

Musician of the Week: Bobby

PV Staff Bobby is a Sierra Leonean musician from Bo, the second largest city in Sierra Leone and capital of the southern region. Many Sierra Leoneans (...)

| February 2017 | 1781 views