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PV: Time to help shape events at home

By Leonard Quarshie, Maryland, USA. I discovered the Patriotic Vanguard sometime in 2010 when I was trying my hands at writing for the first time. I was (...)

| August 2015 | 760 views

Time flies indeed

By Bakar Mansaray, alias Samory, Canada.* Doesn’t time fly? Time simply flew while The Patriotic Vanguard (PV) was busy trying to maintain the positive (...)

| August 2015 | 1048 views

Bravo, Patriotic Vanguard!

By Ibrahim Babatunde Sesay, Publisher, Satellite newspaper, Freetown. As one who humbly learnt a lot from contributing to and reading the Patriotic (...)

| August 2015 | 791 views

Happy 10th Anniversary, Patriotic Vanguard

By Ansumana Usman Koroma, Tasmania, Australia. Online news publications have become important sources of information for many Sierra Leoneans living in (...)

| July 2015 | 640 views

In Pursuit of my Doctoral Degree

By Nanah Fofanah-Sesay, DNP, RN, FNP-BC. The purpose of this article is to outline my experiences associated with the pursuit of my doctoral degree at (...)

| July 2015 | 1374 views

How the 100 new buses from China were procured

By Sheriff Mahmud Ismail, Freetown. As long as it’s in the interest of our people, we would do what we have to do to address their needs. The procurement (...)

| July 2015 | 986 views

Hepatitis B is real

Commentary By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia. Hepatitis B is real. It affects the health of human beings like any other disease on earth. As a result, (...)

| July 2015 | 1410 views