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Barack Obama in Canada

The Government of Canada has made it a top priority to strengthen and renew its trilateral relationship with "our North American partners, the United (...)

| July 2016 | 981 views

NOSLINA turns 18 to great acclamation and aplomb

By Sampha Kalokoh, USA. The Annual Forum and Gala of the National Organization of Sierra Leoneans in North America (NOSLINA) were held on Saturday, May (...)

| July 2016 | 1216 views

Australia votes Saturday: My reflections

Commentary By Andrew Sankoh, Sydney, Australia. One of the longest election campaigns will come to an end on the 2nd of July 2016. Since the 94 days (...)

| June 2016 | 1032 views

Zainab Bangura, "Mother" of the Yezidis

Madam Zainab Bangura, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict recently met with Mr. Mahma Khalil Qasim, (...)

| June 2016 | 1177 views

Prominent diaspora Sierra Leonean media

By PV Staff. People often wonder what we have as Sierra Leonean newspapers, magazines and online radio and television stations abroad. Today we will (...)

| June 2016 | 1405 views

APC-USA convention August 13, 2016

A few weeks from now, on August 13, 2016, the APC branch in the the United States of America, the largest or the branch with the highest number of All (...)

by Gibril Koroma | June 2016 | 1241 views

Zainab Bangura meets Evelyn Amony

Madam Zainab Hawa Bangura Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict on Thursday June 16 participated in what she (...)

| June 2016 | 1638 views

ASLOT Awards of Academic Accomplishment

By Sanpha Sesay, Dallas, Texas, USA. It was a new day in the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area of Texas. For the first time in the community Sierra (...)

| June 2016 | 1476 views