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Where is Jean Bigirimana?

Dear Friends, It is now more than a month since Jean Bigirimana (photo), a reporter for Iwacu and Infos Grands Lacs, disappeared in Burundi. According to (...)

| September 2016 | 1212 views

President Ernest Koroma invited to Grenada

By Amadu Massally, USA. Today, I want to talk about our links to Carriacou (and to some extent Grenada and Petite Martinique). The story begins with (...)

| September 2016 | 3631 views

"Mutation Research" hooks biomedical student

Culled from SFU News, Vancouver, Canada. Colin Peters started studying Biomedical Physiology in 2009 at SFU with a clear goal in mind. He wanted to (...)

| September 2016 | 920 views

Ducks quack, eagles soar

Credit: Will Bankole-Gibson, Freetown. I was waiting in queue for a ride at the airport. When a cab pulled up, the first thing I noticed was that the (...)

| September 2016 | 2875 views

The Yardee Connection

Commentary By Amadu Massally, USA. With regard to Jamaica, Sierra Leone has two maybe three stories to tell. It is known slaves were taken from (...)

| August 2016 | 2437 views

Politics and Change

Commentary By Gibril G. Koroma, CEO/Publisher, the Patriotic Vanguard. I have been following the activities (not just pronouncements) of Sierra (...)

| August 2016 | 1316 views

Service to Nation: Dr. Alusine Jalloh

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated. Today we are launching a new column called Service to Nation in which we will recognize Sierra Leoneans at (...)

by Gibril Koroma | August 2016 | 3166 views

Musician of the Week: Oumou Sangare

Oumou Sangaré (born February 25, 1968 in Bamako, Mali) is a Grammy Award-winning Malian Wassoulou musician, sometimes referred to as "The Songbird of Wassoulou".

| August 2016 | 1733 views