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Francophone African Soccer Players Gain Supremacy

2014-11-25 22:13:13

By Koyie Mansaray, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.
Out of 28 African Cup of Nations tournaments organized between 1957 and 2013, Anglophone countries have won 18.* The remaining 10 have been won by our Francophone counterparts. This fact notwithstanding, Francophone African countries are gaining an increasingly more dominant role on the world soccer stage than their Anglophone brothers. There are more Francophone soccer players in Italy in Europe and North America than (...)

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"Carlton Cole Loves Sierra Leone," says mom

26 September 2009

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, London.
The mother of Westham United and England international Carlton Cole has said that her son cares for and loves Sierra Leone.
Selina Cole, speaking from her Staines Wraybury residence in Berkshire, said her son and entire family were surprised and disappointed over reports in the local media in Sierra Leone that Cole, with a Sierra Leonean background, has no interest in the country after he featured for a selected Nigerian national team in a friendly in Lagos. (...)

PV meets Algeria’s Karim Matmour

22 September 2009

By Thomas Meinders, PV Germany Correspondent.
The Algerian international football player Karim Matmour ( photo) is one of the shooting stars in the Bundesliga. The 24-year-old made every game in his first season in the highest level of German football (soccer) at Borussia Mönchengladbach.
PV met and had this conversation with him recently:
Patriotic Vanguard: Mr. Matmour, you were born in Strasbourg in France, but you play internationally for the Algerian national team. Was it always (...)

Ishmael Dyfan to be honoured in London

4 September 2009

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, London.
Family and friends of the late Sierra Leonean football international Ishmail Khalil Dyfan(pictured) will be organising a football tournament in his honour, a recent press release has confirmed.
The football tournament will take place on Sunday, 27th, September 2009, at the London Academy, Bermondsey, South East London and will feature teams bearing the names of popular teams in Sierra Leone – Blackpool, East End Lions and two others.
An open invitation (...)

PV chats with Assimiou Toure in Germany

20 August 2009

There are many African players in the German Bundesliga, but the career of Assimiou Toure (photo) is exceptional by any account. Raised in Germany with a Togolese backround, the 18-year-old was called up to join the Togolese world cup squad in 2006 without having played in the Bundesliga before. Touré was one of the most promising talents in Germany, but all of a sudden a severe injury stopped his career for almost two years. The Patriotic Vanguard’s Thomas Meinders caught up with him (...)

Diaspora soccer tournament needs more positive support

12 August 2009

By Sanpha Sesay, PV Corespondent, Texas.
It is continuously proven that wherever we go to have fun and entertain ourselves, there is always a tendency that we Sierra Leoneans (some of us) will display behavior that will cause violence leading to the eventual emergence of police intervention.
It is a shame, completely shameful in our culture, to note that the curse of violence and indiscipline in our communities could not allow a peaceful end of events at Columbus, Ohio, where (...)

Soccer Giant Manneh Peters passes away: Dangawallie mourns

16 June 2009

By Sanpha Sesay, in Texas.
Patrick Dangawalli is the leader of the organization, Sierra Stars Soccer Association (SSSA), Vice President of Old Edwardians Association in Texas, Vice President of Sierra Leone Organization of Old Athletic Associations (SLOOAA), and now the founder of Sierra Leone Soccer Ambassador in the Diaspora (SLSAD). All of these organizations are in the United States. Here is a message of condolence from Patrick on the paasing away of soccer star Manneh Peters in (...)

Sierra Leone Soccer Ambassadors in the Diaspora for 2010 tournament

6 June 2009

By Sanpha Sesay, in Texas.
It is in the intention of a football legend, former Leone Stars goalkeeper, Mr. Patrick Dangawalli to initiate a quick action plan i to restore the image of football again in our country.
Dangawalli(photo) started the movement soon after he returned from Freetown in April and took up the first step by going around the States to urge interested individuals to join him in his genuine intention by establishing a Diaspora soccer club.
The club, which shall be (...)

Hamburger SV aka Africa United enters Europa League

29 May 2009

By Thomas Meinders, PV Correspondent,Germany.
A last minute goal by German international Piotr Trochowski results in the fifth rank in the Bundesliga and thereby the qualification for the new Europa League.
After a tumultuous round with up and down German football club Hamburger SV passed Borussia Dortmund in the additional time of the last game. The success of the northern-German club is not also a success story of African football(soccer).
Eight players are African citizens, another (...)

Update on the Bundesliga

11 May 2009

By Thomas Meinders, PV correspondent in Germany.
The German Football League, the "Bundesliga", is on it’s final spurt. And it is exciting like never before. With only three games to play, there are no less than four teams that are still looking forward to hold the championship shield in the end.
The biggest surprise in this year’s competition is without a doubt VfL Wolfsburg. After half of the games had been played, the team was where it used to be: not in a top position, but (...)

COMIUM rescues the nation again

27 February 2009

By Ibrahim Babatunde Sesay, Freetown.
Once again, Sierra Leoneès leading mobile telecommunications company, COMIUM, has demonstrated its highest sense of corporate social responsibility by rescuing the nation’s most popular sport, soccer by sponsoring the national premier league.
In an exclusive interview with this reporter, the untiring COMIUM Chief Executive Officer, Paul Hyde(photo) revealed a series of package that his company has put in place to enhance the quality standards (...)

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