Africa’s Soccer Giants

By Abu B. Shaw, London It was scintillating and nerve-racking as dark clouds descended on various stadiums around Africa on October 8 2005. Four (...)

| October 2005 | 1046 views

Fifa to the Rescue

A ’special project’ is being put together by Fifa to improve the quality of African league football. Sepp Blatter, Fifa’s president, acknowledged that African (...)

| September 2005 | 1171 views

Enyimba Prepares for Battle

African soccer clubs are usually victims of all sorts of problems and it’s a wonder there are any competitions on the continent.Enyinmba,a Nigerian soccer (...)

| August 2005 | 1406 views

Are African Athletes Patriotic?

The patriotism of Africa’s sportsmen and women has been a topic of interest in recent years as more and more of the continent’s human assets in the field of (...)

| August 2005 | 2231 views