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Alpha Kanu to Host Online Press Conference

2014-11-25 20:42:10

The Minister of Information and Communications of Sierra Leone, Alpha Kanu (pictured), will host an online press conference on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 15 GMT.
Since Sierra Leone recorded the first case of Ebola on May 25th, this year, the President of the West African state Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma scaled down other development projects his Government was implementing under the agenda for prosperity by committing over 90 billion Leones (equivalent to about twenty million dollars) (...)

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Maada Bio goes back to school

3 February

By Our Correspondent
The former presidential candidate (known in Sierra Leone as flagbearer) of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Julius Maada Bio, pictured, is said to be studying hard at an overseas university (probably an online degree factory) for a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD).
Online universities are very popular in Sierra Leone these days; there is one in the UK with a dubious pedigree that has been dishing out Masters and Doctorate degrees to Sierra Leoneans (...)

APC-Australia Expresses Condolence for the Deaths of Four APC Stalwarts

1 February

The cold hands of death gripped a number of APC stalwarts over the last couple
of weeks. On the behalf of the APC Australia Branch, we would like to extend
our heartfelt condolence to the families and friends at home and abroad, and
members of APC Party for the loss of Honourable Dr I.M. Fofana, Honourable
Abdul Serry-Kamal, Honourable Mohamed Suffian Kargbo,and Honourable Ben
Kanu all of the APC Party who had followed the road of our ancestors recently.
Surely these political gurus (...)

Sierra Leone: A Presidential aspirant with a difference

31 January

It looks like the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections are going to be highly competitive with all sorts of people getting ready to replace Ernest Koroma even though the elections themselves are about four years away in the future.
The latest presidential aspirant brought to our notice is one Mr. Kanu, living and working in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Kanu actually started his political career in 2012 when the vidoe clip below was recorded but he did not contest in that election but it (...)

Mohamed Kamarainba Hammered

28 January

By Our Correspondent
A young APC activist called Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray (photo), has just been hammered and sent into political oblivion by the party’s "rapid response" machine including its media attack agents.
Mohamed’s crime is not because he wants to be the next APC president after EBK in 2018 (something at first considered laughable by party Alagbas) but he has alarmed the party’s national secretariat in Freetown with increasingly huge grassroots support. (...)

Tribute to the late Lt.Colonel (Rtd) Tom Nyuma

27 January

Indeed a Hero has Fallen-Lt. Colonel (Rtd) Tom Nyuma alias Ranger.
My dear Brothers and Sisters at Home and Abroad,
On behalf of the ex-service men and women of the Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces (RSLMF) Overseas, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family of our dear brother-in-arms Lt-Col. (Rtd) Tom Nyuma as they mourn the sudden death of their beloved son.
We just wanted to reassure the family that Lt-Col Tom Nyuma is indeed a hero (...)

Major SLPP Announcement Soon

24 January

By PV Staff.
According to our correspondents in Freetown, the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party will soon make a major political announcement in which the names of popular UN official Kandeh Yumkella (photo) and former flagbearer Julius Maada Bio will feature prominently.
The announcement will indicate the roles the two men will play as the party starts the process of preparing for the next elections in 2018, an election in which their nemesis, Ernest Koroma, will not be contesting, (...)

Sierra Leone:Psychiatric Teaching Hospital Planned

23 January

By Angelo Georgiou, International Reporter on African Affairs.
His Excellency C. Vassili, Ambassador of the International Council of Professional Therapists (ICPT) and its sister organisation the ICPT International Human Rights Council, has entered into talks with Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the UK His Excellency Edward Turay to help find a solution to Sierra Leone’s mental health crisis.
The talks have led to an understanding that the ICPT plans to build a teaching (...)

APC-USA Statement of Condolence

22 January

APC-USA Branch Official Statement of Condolence to the Family of the Late Honourable Abdul Serry-Kamal, All APC Supporters around the World and to the Leadership of the Party in Freetown.
APC-USA on behalf of its interim chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Kamara, branch presidents and all its members in America, is sorry to hear the death of Honorable Abdul Serry-Kamal who passed away in Maryland, USA, Saturday January 18, 2014 at the age of 70 years.
The general membership of APC-USA extend our (...)

Parliament: SBB Dumbuya Replaces Abel Stronge

21 January

By Our Correspondent
In what can be described as a masterful Machiavellian move, the former Speaker of the Sierra Leone parliament Abel Stronge, has been replaced by the former ruling party Majority Leader Sheku Badara Bashiru Dumbuya (photo).
Stronge had resigned a couple of days ago in order not to sit through the humiliation of having his successor elected in his presence after what many people view as a manipulation of the Constitution to pave the way for his removal.
Stronge had not (...)

PV Writer Mourns Benefactor on Convocation Day

20 January

We published the following article in September last year, long before the graduation or convocation ceremony of Ahmed Ojulla Bangura (seen in photo taken on Convocation Day), one of our Special Correspondents in the United Kingdom who had just got his PhD in Human Geography (many of our staff members and contributors have done well in academia and other fields including Journalism with post-graduate degrees). At the time (September), the man who helped Ahmed in his educational journey, (...)

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