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Historic Online Press Conference by Alpha Kanu

2014-11-26 20:26:44

Honourable Alhaji Alpha Kanu (photo), Sierra Leone’s Information and Communications Minister has made history when he today faced the international media in a live press conference that centred largely on the Ebola scourge. Very few Ministers on the continent of Africa have faced the international media in this way which makes the event a historic first not only in Sierra Leone but for many parts of Africa.
The online press conference was facilitated by the African Press Organization (...)

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Saying Goodbye to a Fallen Comrade – APC Smith

19 May

By Egerton Tamba Kamara, former APC Secretary General.
Every time a colleague of mine passes away I feel sad and I reflect. William Juana Smith, aka APC Smith’s passing has left a void in my heart and in the APC political party that will be difficult to fill. He was much esteemed in our party in which he served and was generally recognized as one whose acts and deeds were worthy of emulation. I always pay tribute to colleagues, and by William Juana Smith’s death, it gives me (...)

On Violence Against Women in Sierra Leone

12 May

By Mariama Kandeh, London, UK.*
I grew up in a society wherein women are allowed to be seen, not heard. It was the case in every corner of Sierra Leone. I grew up asking myself, what’s wrong with our society? Why are women so badly treated? I was worried that I would grow up only to be treated the same way as all the women I knew. The country’s decade-old conflict only deepened my pessimism about the future. Before the war, what was considered the normal was the (...)

Bio Joins "Afta U Na V" Chorus

8 May

H. E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma
The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone
State House
6th May, 2014.
Dear Mr. President,
On January 27, 2014, I wrote you an open letter on the amendment of Section 79 (1) of the National Constitution of Sierra Leone 1991 in which your Government introduced entirely new qualifications for the position of Speaker of Parliament. I also dealt with (...)

BAM to Build Petroleum Jetty in Sierra Leone

6 May

BAM International and its South African joint-venture partner Stefanutti Stocks have been awarded the contract for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of a petroleum jetty at the Kissy Oil Terminal of Freetown in Sierra Leone. It will take the joint venture approximately one year to design and complete the project for PetroJetty Ltd.
The new petroleum jetty comprises a 240 metres steel trestle on steel piles, including a concrete offloading platform of 12 x 25 metres, four (...)

Court of Appeal Rules Against Haja Afsatu Kabba

5 May

By Alimamy Lahai Kamara, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
The Court of Appeal has ruled that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should not refund the sum of Three Hundred Million Leones (Le300, 000,000) to the former Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources (and senior member of the ruling All People’s Congress party), Haja Afsatu Kabba, as restitution. The Appellate Court on Wednesday 30th April 2014 made this ruling when Mrs. Kabba sought an order directing the ACC to refund the said (...)

53 Years of Independence: State House Insignia and Awards Ceremony

29 April

By Dr. Peter A. Dumbuya, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone celebrated its fifty-third independence anniversary on Sunday April 27 in exquisite circumstances. The celebrations occurred as one former and one current Pope canonized two of their predecessors, Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, and South Africa marked “Freedom Day,” that is twenty years since the country’s majority African population first voted in non-racial, multi-party elections in which (...)

Kamaraimba Should Stay Within the APC

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher - 25 April

I have never met or spoken to the young APC politician Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray (photo) who has been in the news for some time now. Neither am I one of his numerous supporters.
But I would like to offer him some pieces of advice from my experience as a journalist that has reported on and commented on Sierra Leone politics for almost three decades. Mohamed, who I think is a very intelligent and ambitious young man, a "Youth Man", as they say in Sierra Leone, seems to lack one (...)

Sierra Leone:Third Term Rumour Gains Momentum

by Gibril Koroma - 22 April

When current Transport Minister Balogun (Logus) Koroma floated the idea of a third term for President Koroma not too long ago, a lot of people did not take him seriously although it caused some uproar within and outside the government. Indeed the office of the President sent out a press release vehemently denying the rumour. Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution stipulates only two terms for a President.
But the rumour has refused to go away; in fact it has become more strident lately (...)

IMF Mission Statement on Sierra Leone

17 April

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission visited Freetown during March 17-April 1, 2014 for the first review of Sierra Leone’s program supported by the IMF through the Extended Credit Facility (ECF).
The mission met with the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Kaifala Marah; the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Mr. Sheku Sesay (photo); other senior officials of the government and the central bank, representatives of the business community and civil society, and (...)

Conviction for Unexplained Wealth: ACC Charts New Path

16 April

By Jospeph Fitzgerald Kamara, ACC Commissioner, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
In a landmark judgment delivered by the Hon. Justice M.A. Paul, in the case of The State vs. Solomon Katta and Four Others, the Anti Corruption Commission successfully secured conviction for the offence of Unexplained Wealth for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone.
Prosecution for the offence of unexplained wealth has been sparingly applied in corruption cases the world over due to difficulties (...)

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Government Should Investigate Ebola Surge

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher

It is sad and very unfortunate that while the Ebola scourge seems to be receding in the neighbouring countries of Guinea and Liberia, Sierra Leone is facing a dramatic increase with hundreds of (...)


The Truth About Reporting Corruption

By Abdulai Saccoh, Anti-Corruption Commission, Freetown, Sierra Leone. As a specialized anti-graft agency, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been (...)