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Port Loko District commences Back to School campaign

2015-02-28 10:03:53

By Hassan Bruz.
In spite of the different shades of opinion on the re- opening of schools slated for the end of March 2015, the people of the Northern district of Port Loko have resolved to work along with the guidelines prescribed by Government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
This was confirmed by the Deputy Director of Education in Port Loko –Briama Taimu Koroma (photo) in a recent interview with the Sierra Leone News Agency [SLENA].
He (...)

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Charles Taylor’s first day in Court at The Hague

4 July 2007

By Teddy Foday-Musa, Vanguard Correspondent at The Hague.
Mr. Charles Dahkpannah Ghankay Taylor made his first appearance at his third trial session at The Hague on the 3rd July 2007.
It however remains a puzzle as to whether his appearance is linked to the order slammed on him by the Trial Chamber to appear in court at all times. Mr. Taylor, who was flanked by two body guards, appeared 15 minutes late. He was looking not only healthy, but also smartly dressed. He had a blue suit on, with (...)

The 7th Annual African Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts,USA.

3 July 2007

Lowell, Massachusetts ,home of the African Festival is situated 45 minutes’ drive from Boston—capital of the state of Massachusetts. Lowell’s historical importance lies in the fact that it is the home of the industrial revolution in the USA. This was a mill city where cotton crops harvested in the slave south was yarned and manufactured into textile. The old mills still bestride this city which is divided by the Merrimack river. These hundred year old buildings are been (...)

June 9 Webinar was a Huge Success

3 July 2007

Press Release.
On the 9th of June, 2007, the Voter Education Committee of the Sierra Leone Network (SLN), held a historic Internet Symposium, dubbed the Voter Education Webinar. For the first time in the history of our nation, we were able to create and successfully execute on a global level, a voter education/awareness initiative that included the three major parties (APC, SLPP and PMDC) in conjunction with members of civil society that spanned a broad background of the Sierra Leonean (...)

Sierra Leone-Gullah Connection

3 July 2007

Children of Sierra Leoneans Overseas (COSLO) in collaboration with the Sierra Leonean Gullah Heritage Association (SLGHA) and the Sierra Leone Network (SLN) will hold a workshop on Saturday 11th August at Gude lake avenue in Maryland, USA.
Professor Joseph Opala(photo)an American historian and anthropologist at St James Madison University in Virginia will give a talk on the Sierra Leonean- Gullah connection.
According to COSLO coordinator, Adelaide Wilson, participants will learn about (...)

Sam Sumana tipped as APC Running Mate

by Gibril Koroma - 2 July 2007

Following the recent announcement of Foreign Minister Momodu Koroma as Vice President Berewa’s running mate in the impending elections next month, a very reliable source in the APC inner circle has intimated the Vanguard that Kono business man and farmer Sam Sumana is likely to to be APC presidential candidate Ernest Koroma’s running mate.
Momodu Koroma(photo) who has a northern background but was born and raised in the south is expected to deliver the north to the SLPP but (...)

ActionAid Advises Sierra Leone Government

1 July 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.
As part of its campaign on hunger, ActionAid Sierra Leone, in a recent report, has recommended that for the country to achieve President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah’s food security dream, the amount of seed rice given to farmers must be increased to meet the recommended standard of 2.5 bushel per household.
ActionAid Country Director, Tennyson Williams(photo) had earlier called on world leaders including the Sierra Leonean government to eradicate extreme (...)

SLAJ Calls for Neville’s Release

1 July 2007

Sierra Leone Association of Journalists.
SLAJ Press Release.
30th June 2007.
The Vice President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, who is also the Executive Editor of Standard Times Newspaper, Philip Neville was on Thursday June 28th 2007 arrested by CID personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force and interrogated on the contents of a front page article carried in his newspaper of June 27th 2007 about the visit of the (...)

Standard Times Editor in Hospital

by Gibril Koroma - 30 June 2007

Philip Neville, Managing Editor of the Standard Times newspaper and Vice President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists has been admitted at the police hospital at Kingtom in Freetown.
Speaking to the Vanguard this morning from his hospital bed in Freetown Neville(photo))said he is an asthma patient and that because he was dumped three days ago in a stuffy and airless cell with common criminals at CID headquarters in Freetown, he suffered an asthma attack and had to be rushed to (...)

Bombshell: PDP joins APC

29 June 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.
One of Sierra Leone’s biggest political parties, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), popularly known as Sorbeh, has joined the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.
The ceremony which took place Friday evening at the Hannah Benka Coker Street headquarters of the APC, came barely two days after the expiration of the deadline for the submission of Parliamentary names of political parties.
The PDP whose entire executive stormed the APC (...)

Sierra Leone: AI Calls for Lifting of Amnesty

by Gibril Koroma - 29 June 2007

The war in Sierra Leone, which officially ended in 2002, caused huge damage in terms of human lives and infrastructure far in excess of what has happened in many trouble spots in the world. At a time when most of the country’s media practitioners had either gone underground or fled the country, human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch continued to investigate and report on the atrocities that were being committed in the country, leading to the (...)

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Celebrating Dr.Cater G. Woodson, Founder of Black History Month

By Charles Quist-Adade, PhD.* February this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Canadian government’s official recognition of Black History Month in Canada and the 89th anniversary of (...)


The truth about reporting corruption

By Abdulai Saccoh, Anti-Corruption Commission, Freetown, Sierra Leone. As a specialized anti-graft agency, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been (...)