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President Koroma speaks on new ebola strategy

2015-01-22 20:08:09

Broadcast to the Nation
By His Excellency the President
Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma January 22, 2015.
Fellow Sierra Leoneans,
We have been ensuring a steady downward trend in the number of Ebola cases in Sierra Leone over the past seven weeks and I wish to express my deep and sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to this achievement. In my working visits to all districts and nearly all treatment centers in the preceding months to urge, endorse and monitor the measures we (...)

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Sam Sumana tipped as APC Running Mate

by Gibril Koroma - 2 July 2007

Following the recent announcement of Foreign Minister Momodu Koroma as Vice President Berewa’s running mate in the impending elections next month, a very reliable source in the APC inner circle has intimated the Vanguard that Kono business man and farmer Sam Sumana is likely to to be APC presidential candidate Ernest Koroma’s running mate.
Momodu Koroma(photo) who has a northern background but was born and raised in the south is expected to deliver the north to the SLPP but (...)

ActionAid Advises Sierra Leone Government

1 July 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.
As part of its campaign on hunger, ActionAid Sierra Leone, in a recent report, has recommended that for the country to achieve President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah’s food security dream, the amount of seed rice given to farmers must be increased to meet the recommended standard of 2.5 bushel per household.
ActionAid Country Director, Tennyson Williams(photo) had earlier called on world leaders including the Sierra Leonean government to eradicate extreme (...)

SLAJ Calls for Neville’s Release

1 July 2007

Sierra Leone Association of Journalists.
SLAJ Press Release.
30th June 2007.
The Vice President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, who is also the Executive Editor of Standard Times Newspaper, Philip Neville was on Thursday June 28th 2007 arrested by CID personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force and interrogated on the contents of a front page article carried in his newspaper of June 27th 2007 about the visit of the (...)

Standard Times Editor in Hospital

by Gibril Koroma - 30 June 2007

Philip Neville, Managing Editor of the Standard Times newspaper and Vice President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists has been admitted at the police hospital at Kingtom in Freetown.
Speaking to the Vanguard this morning from his hospital bed in Freetown Neville(photo))said he is an asthma patient and that because he was dumped three days ago in a stuffy and airless cell with common criminals at CID headquarters in Freetown, he suffered an asthma attack and had to be rushed to (...)

Bombshell: PDP joins APC

29 June 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.
One of Sierra Leone’s biggest political parties, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), popularly known as Sorbeh, has joined the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.
The ceremony which took place Friday evening at the Hannah Benka Coker Street headquarters of the APC, came barely two days after the expiration of the deadline for the submission of Parliamentary names of political parties.
The PDP whose entire executive stormed the APC (...)

Sierra Leone: AI Calls for Lifting of Amnesty

by Gibril Koroma - 29 June 2007

The war in Sierra Leone, which officially ended in 2002, caused huge damage in terms of human lives and infrastructure far in excess of what has happened in many trouble spots in the world. At a time when most of the country’s media practitioners had either gone underground or fled the country, human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch continued to investigate and report on the atrocities that were being committed in the country, leading to the (...)

Sierra Leone Government Debunks Newspaper Report

28 June 2007

Office of the President
27 JUNE 2007
Government wishes to correct the misrepresentation contained in the article published in the Wednesday 27th June edition of the Standard Times Newspaper captioned "BOMBSHELL - COLONEL GHADDAFI EXPOSES GOVERNMENT". The said article refers to a statement allegedly made at the National Stadium by Colonel Ghaddafi on Tuesday June 26 2007 to wit - "At the National Stadium yesterday the visiting (...)

Thanks for Sympathy

28 June 2007

By Zubairu Wai, Toronto.
Teddy and the Foday-Musa family, at home (in Sierra Leone) and abroad, would like to extend their sincere thanks to all those who have in various ways supported them throughout this sad period of the loss of their dear mother, Mrs. Mariatu Foday-Musa. Mrs. Foday-Musa passed away on Tuesday June 12, and was buried on the same day in Bo, Sierra Leone. The Seventh Day memorial ceremony took place on Tuesday June 19 in Bo.
Arrangements have now been finalised for the (...)

Five Parties To Contest August 11 Polls

28 June 2007

By Jonathan Leigh.
Only five out of the eight registered political parties submitted names of their parliamentary aspirants at the close of the Tuesday deadline.
Isaac Curtis-Hooke, National Electoral Commission External Affairs Officer said on Wednesday that of the five, it was the SLPP, APC and PMDC who submitted a full list of 112 aspirants each for all the constituencies. The other two, UNPP and NDA were unable to fill candidates in some parts of the country.
The Revolutionary United (...)

Gaddafi Visit: Kabbah in Serious Trouble

28 June 2007

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown.
There have been bitter reactions in the country over revelations made by the Libyan leader, Muhammar al-Qadaffi when he addressed thousands of Sierra Leoneans last Tuesday at the National Stadium.
The Libyan leader was on a state visit to Sierra Leone to garner support for the African Union by calling on Sierra Leoneans to support the push for a United States of Africa of which he is a major proponent.
Qadaffi also used the opportunity to reveal to the (...)

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Re-opening of schools in Sierra Leone: Another big challenge

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