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Development Dialogue and the Bureaucrats

Commentary By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong, Vanguard Ottawa Correspondent. The press release carried by the Sierra Leonean-owned Vancouver, British (...)

| March 2007 | 262 views


By Roland Marke. It is with deep regret and sympathy that I announce the death of Amara Kabba (Karamoh Kabbaโ€™s younger brother) in Freetown. He died at (...)

| March 2007 | 397 views

IFC Facility to Boost Sierra Leone Trade

Press Release. Freetown, March 22, 2007-IFC today signed trade finance agreements with three leading banks in Sierra Leone that will enable them to (...)

| March 2007 | 306 views

Winnipeg: Sierra Leonean Meeting Ends in Chaos

By Sahr Musa Yamba and Lans Omar. Winnipeg (Canada) police officers had to intervene Sunday March 18th to quell heated confrontations among some members (...)

| March 2007 | 962 views

Amistad Prepares for Atlantic Tour

By Kai M. Perry. On June 21, 2007 Freedom Schooner Amistad will embark on its first transatlantic voyage joining with international agencies and (...)

| March 2007 | 444 views

Special Court: Munlo Bids Farewell

PRESS RELEASE Lovemore Munlo(photo), SC has announced he will leave the Special Court after a year and a half as Registrar. โ€œAfter one and a half (...)

| March 2007 | 277 views

NEC Embarassment: Officials Nabbed

Press Release Word has reached us from PMDC Headquarters in Freetown that four NEC officials had been apprehended Saturday March 17, 2007, in an alleged (...)

| March 2007 | 378 views

Sierra Leone: Journalists Sign Code of Conduct

A national roundtable at Freetownโ€™s Miatta Conference Centre on Friday, 16 March, brought together Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) delegates (...)

| March 2007 | 381 views

Tribute to the late Professor Alpha Sheriff

By Roland Bankole Marke. Alpha Sheriff(photo) was born in 1958 in Sanda -Rokulan area in northern Sierra Leone. His ascension onto the pinnacle of (...)

| March 2007 | 388 views


The publisher, editorial board and friends of the Patriotic Vanguard would like to report, with great sadness, the news of the passing away of Umarr L. (...)

| March 2007 | 451 views