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SLPP Scribe Blasts Margai

By Sahr Yamba Musa. Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Jacob Jusu Saffa Tuesday charged that Charles Francis Margai Margai, (...)

| November 2005 | 525 views

A Sign Of Things to Come

By Zubairu Wai I was on the phone, frantically trying to get hold of anyone I could lay my hands on: old friends, acquaintances, or family living in Bo, (...)

| November 2005 | 514 views

Margai Charged to Court

By Zubairu Wai Thousands of supporters of Charles Margai, the leader of the yet to be registered PMDC political party in Sierra Leone on Saturday (...)

| November 2005 | 769 views

To the Priceless Politicians of My Land

By Saidu Kaye Sesay, London, United Kingdom. The other night I was seated in front of my computer trying to ignore the irritating blasts of fireworks, (...)

| November 2005 | 583 views

Do They Have Plans When The Wells Run Dry?

Sierra Leonean writer Karamoh Kabba has a deep interest in his country’s socio-economic development and he pulls no punches when he has to make his views (...)

| November 2005 | 545 views

Sierra Leone: Call to Stop Child Adoptions

The United Nations says the situation of children in Sierra Leone is dire, with a huge problem of children being trafficked abroad. UNICEF is urging that (...)

| November 2005 | 478 views

Pressure Mounts On Kabbah

PMDC leader Charles Margai fires another letter to the international community on president Kabbah of Sierra Leone. 1st November, 2005 TO: 1. (...)

| November 2005 | 529 views

Liberia: Politics and the Taylor Factor

By Abu B. Shaw, London. All the twenty-two presidential candidates in Liberia had one common denominator. Handing over former president Charles Taylor (...)

| October 2005 | 614 views

The Gloria Newman-Smart Saga

Statement read by Dr. Sylvia rt Olayinka Blyden at the Press Conference called on October 11th 2005 in Sierra Leone about the death of Gloria Newman Smart (...)

| October 2005 | 677 views