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Tribute to a fallen Comrade

By Komkanda Bangura. Mohamed Pateh Barrie, former teacher at the School of International Studies at Meadowbrook, VA, was laid to rest on March 31, 2007 (...)

| April 2007 | 441 views

Fear Grips SLPP as APC Re-Unites

According to usually very reliable sources in Freetown,fear has gripped the top leadership of the ruling SLPP after the official announcement this week by (...)

by Gibril Koroma | April 2007 | 558 views

UN statement on the voters registration

The Executive Representative of the Secretary-General, on behalf of the United Nations system, welcomes the announcement on 30 March by the National (...)

| April 2007 | 296 views

Hinga Norman Family Rejects Autopsy Report

According to a press release signed by Alfred SamForay (photo) of the Hinga Norman-CDF Defence Fund, the family of Chief Sam Hinga Norman "does not accept (...)

| April 2007 | 344 views

PPRC Organizes Regional Workshops

In view of the crucial role of women in ensuring a smooth democratic process in the up coming general elections, the Political Parties Registration (...)

| March 2007 | 219 views

SC: Norman Report Out,Sesay back in Freetown

PRESS RELEASE Freetown, Sierra Leone, 28 March 2007 An autopsy to determine the cause of death last month of Special Court indictee Sam Hinga Norman (...)

| March 2007 | 385 views

Development Dialogue and the Bureaucrats

Commentary By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong, Vanguard Ottawa Correspondent. The press release carried by the Sierra Leonean-owned Vancouver, British (...)

| March 2007 | 250 views


By Roland Marke. It is with deep regret and sympathy that I announce the death of Amara Kabba (Karamoh Kabba’s younger brother) in Freetown. He died at (...)

| March 2007 | 383 views