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Brazil Humiliates Ghana (3-0)

A weak defence, weak shots and poor finishing have led to Ghana, Africa’s lone representative in the World Cup, to go down today 3-0 in the face of a very (...)

by Gibril Koroma | June 2006 | 378 views

Africa’s Lone Warrior

By Abu B. Shaw, Vanguard Sports Analyst and London Bureau Chief. High flyer Ghana has put Africa on the map by being the only country among the five (...)

| June 2006 | 423 views

Business Tycoon MB Jalloh is Dead

By Abu B. Shaw, Vanguard London Bureau Chief Sierra Leone and Guinea are currently mourning the death of Alhaji Mamadu Bailor Jalloh. He passed away at (...)

| June 2006 | 591 views

UNPP Bounces Back

Sierra Leone’s political atmosphere is heating up as the 2007 elections keep attracting the attention of politicians, the media and even the country’s major (...)

by Gibril Koroma | June 2006 | 512 views

Special Court: Problems with Norman Defence

By Our Correspondent Reverend Alfred SamForay of the Hinga Norman Defence Fund recently stated in a press release that the Norman Defence team may (...)

| June 2006 | 404 views

Special Court : Subpoena Against Kabbah Denied!

At long last the news is out. The judges of Special Court in Freetown have denied the subpoena ad testificandum initiated by Hinga Norman and others to (...)

| June 2006 | 1457 views