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UNIOSlL’s mandate extended

By Sahr Musa Yamba, Winnipeg, Canada. The UN Security Council Friday 22nd July unanimously resolved to extend the mandate of the United Nations Mission (...)

| December 2006 | 340 views

Sierra Leone: Elections or Reflections?

Commentary By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria, Bergen, Norway. A tentative date has been announced. It is tentative because from experience the (...)

| December 2006 | 702 views

Sierra Leoneans Cry Over "Blood Diamond"

By CHRISTIAN BOONE The Atlanta Journal-Constitution About 100 survivors of the civil war in Sierra Leone watched Hollywood’s depiction of the (...)

| December 2006 | 723 views

Sierra Leone’s blood diamonds in Hollywood

By Abu B. Shaw, Vanguard London Bureau Chief A Hollywood blockbuster movie, BLOOD DIAMOND, reminiscent of the illegal diamond trade around the world (...)

| December 2006 | 504 views

2006 Bonanza: Debt Relief for Sierra Leone.

NEWS RELEASE The World Bank and IMF Approve Debt Relief under the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative as Sierra Leone reach Completion Point under the (...)

| December 2006 | 1260 views

Margai’s Vision for Sierra Leone Women

Commentary By Anthony Sheriff,London I recently attended a Gala Dinner and Dance that was organized by the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (...)

| December 2006 | 512 views

Nzinga Blake to Visit Sierra Leone

Nzinga Blake, a TV personality in the United States will soon visit Sierra Leone, her ancestral home. She has featured on major networks including the (...)

by Gibril Koroma | December 2006 | 1340 views

Special Court: New Prosecutor Appointed.

By our correspondent. According to a special court press release issued today,the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, has appointed Mr (...)

| December 2006 | 439 views

To the Bailor Family & all Old Academicians

By former ambassador John Leigh. I am traveling deep inside Nigeria when I received the sad news about the passing on of Mr. Max Bailor, former AA (...)

| December 2006 | 1337 views

Sierra Leone: CDF Defence Rests It’s Case

Commentary By Alfred Munda SamForay, CDF Defence Fund & Sierra Leone Working Group. 30 November, 2006 “Hinga Norman is not a war criminal; (...)

| November 2006 | 464 views