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Cleaning of Freetown: Mayor Reacts

By Our Correspondent. The mayor of Freetown, Mr. Winstanley Bankole Johnson(photo) has reacted strongly to the SLPP government’s decision to take away (...)

| January 2007 | 640 views

Victor Angelo’s New Year Message.

By VICTOR ANGELO Executive Representative of the Secretary-General and UN Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone A new year brings hope for better (...)

| January 2007 | 338 views

Somalia War: PDL Condemns Ethiopia.

Statement from the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL). Ethiopia is Championing a proxy aggression in Somalia. The Sierra Leone People’s (...)

| January 2007 | 283 views


Happy New Year to all the SLPP Stalwarts out there. Your continued dedication to promoting the successes of the party deserves continued promotion. (...)

| January 2007 | 20126 views

Sierra Leoneans in Vancouver Celebrate.

By Gibril Koroma, Vancouver. Sierra Leoneans in Vancouver, Canada, had a unique end of year bash last Saturday in a manner never before seen in this (...)

| January 2007 | 560 views

Election 2007: Who will be the next CEO?

Commentary By Amara Omar Kuyateh, Maryland, USA. As Sierra Leone gears up for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2007, there is an (...)

| December 2006 | 480 views

Hinga Norman Aide Joins PMDC

By Theophilus S. Gbenda As the political tempo in Sierra Leone gathers speed the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) has scored yet another (...)

| December 2006 | 528 views

Freetown: SLPP, APC Fight Over Garbage

Reports from Freetown say there is an ongoing tussle over who is to rid the city of its perennial garbage problem although the ruling SLPP government seems (...)

by Gibril Koroma | December 2006 | 642 views

Murdered Sierra Leonean gets justice

By Abu B. Shaw, Vanguard London Bureau Chief The criminal justice system in England and Wales ushered in an early Christmas for the Sierra Leone (...)

| December 2006 | 627 views