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It’s Arizona’s turn to celebrate

Announcement The APC - Arizona Chapter will soon be inaugurated during their planned Victory Dance on Saturday November 17th, 2007. It is with a (...)

| November 2007 | 506 views

The use of the word ‘Poverty’

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura. The word ’poverty’ has been irrationally used by scholars and international financial bodies like the World Bank and IMF to (...)

| November 2007 | 266 views

OMFA launches Philadelphia chapter

By Abdulai Bayraytay The Old Makeni Franciscans’ Association (OMFA) North America Branch Saturday, October 27th, 2007 launched the Philadelphia, USA (...)

| November 2007 | 445 views

Koroma appoints more ministers

President Ernest Bai Koroma has over the weekend appointed more ministers. The new crop of ministers seem to indicate that the president has heard the (...)

by Gibril Koroma | November 2007 | 2362 views

Emmerson Amidu Bockarie: A Short Biography

By Amadu Massally, Mohamed Kosia and Sarah Gulama. Little did Emmerson Amidu Bockarie Sr. and Nada Taiwo Close know when Emmerson Amidu Bockarie Jr. was (...)

| November 2007 | 23890 views

Police officers arrested for stealing

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown. Despite very positive strides so far made by the President Ernest Bai Koroma-led government, some ill-motivated (...)

| October 2007 | 545 views

Sierra Leone Defense Minister visits the US

By Komkanda Bangura. Minister of Defense Alfred Palo Conteh departed from the United States to London on Tuesday October 23, 2007, after a brief visit (...)

| October 2007 | 1604 views