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Ponder My Thoughts

By Andrew Keili, Freetown, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, like many other countries is immersed in deep cultural discrimination against women by traditional (...)

| November 2018 | 1818 views

RAIC handing over ceremony

By David Patrick Kamara, Public Information Officer, RAIC. Unisa Sesay (right in photo), the former Chairman of the Right to Access Information (...)

| November 2018 | 1684 views

Sierra Leone: Ministry of Defence Press Release

. MOD/RSLAF key message on the detention of Captain Patrick Kamara and two others in connection with the arms and ammunition investigations. 21 November (...)

| November 2018 | 2520 views

Sierra Leone: Arms and ammunition investigations

The Sierra Leone army says three “major arms and ammunition investigations” are currently ongoing involving its members. A board of inquiry is looking (...)

| November 2018 | 2524 views

APC attacks on President Bio

Commentary By Lahai Lawrence Leema,SLPP National Publicity Secretary. The APC’s shameless and pointless demonstration recently before the UK (...)

| November 2018 | 2175 views

Sierra Leone: Netpage contract condemned

16/11/18 Press Release 21 days Ultimatum for the Ministry of Internal Affairs to take steps and nullify the fraudulent NETPAGE passport deal We in (...)

| November 2018 | 2055 views