When Would We Stop Wielding the Axes?

By Karamoh Kabba One would think that post-war Sierra Leone, like Germany after WWII, would swap its battle-axes for work-axes. Introspectively, it does (...)

| December 2005 | 681 views

Tradition and Leadership Failure in Africa

Kofi Akosah-Sarpong responds to “Time” magazine’s Simon Robinson’s essay “Africa’s Game of Follow the Leader: Why strong institutions matter most when once (...)

| December 2005 | 683 views

Ghana: Challenges for the Opposition.

Kofi Akosah-Sarpong reasons that with the Ghanaian opposition unable to say how they will do things differently, they can’t capitalize on the ruling (...)

| December 2005 | 620 views

Bo Incident: Charles Margai Explains

EVENTS IN BO TOWN DURING THE WEEKEND OF FRIDAY 18TH NOVEMBER, 2005. I left Freetown in the company of others for Bo on Thursday 17th November2005, to (...)

| November 2005 | 592 views

Asantehene and Africa’s Progress

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong The Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene (King of Ghana’s largest ethnic group, the Asante), courageous lecture, "Chieftaincy and (...)

| November 2005 | 562 views

A Response to Zubairu Wai

By James Fallah-Williams In January 2002, at Warwick University, I sat in my room desperately writing an article to Concord Times, which was published (...)

| November 2005 | 682 views


By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong The idea of some Ghanaian elites talking "The Role of Patriotism in the Affairs of Ghana Today - Public Scene" resonates (...)

| October 2005 | 541 views

The Trouble With Patriotism

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong The idea of some Ghanaian elites speaking on "The Role of Patriotism in the Affairs of Ghana Today - Public Scene" exemplifies (...)

| October 2005 | 516 views

Kwesi Pratt, Thinkers and Ghanaian Development

Our Ottawa analyst Kofi Akosah-Sarpong says in this article that there is the need for more thinkers such as the legendary Okomfo Anokye, who created the (...)

| October 2005 | 575 views

Hail the Power Brokers!

By Gbakanda Kamara, Norway The present political situation that the "SLPP" is creating in Sierra Leoneis ,by all historical and logical reasoning , a (...)

| September 2005 | 603 views

Chieftaincy and Ghana’s Development

In this aricle, Vanguard Ottawa correspondent Kofi Akosah-Sarpong argues that a Ministry of Chieftaincy will not only correct many of history’s wrongs but (...)

| September 2005 | 523 views