Karamoh Kabbah Versus John Leigh

There was recently a war of words between PMDC’s North America Communication Director Karamoh Kabba and former SLPP ambassador John Leigh. We bring you (...)

| June 2006 | 943 views

John Leigh Responds to his Critics

In this statement culled from the Cocorioko forum, Dr. John Ernest Leigh(photo) carefully explains why he has decided to support Vice President Solomon (...)

| June 2006 | 1020 views

New APC ?

By Saidu Bangura, Atlanta, Georgia. In his address to a cross -section of the Sierra Leonean public in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday,05-14-06,the leader (...)

| May 2006 | 806 views

My Name Is Karamoh Kabba

A Rejoinder to S.L.P.P. Secretary General’s State of the Party My name is Karamoh Kabba, I am the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (P.M.D.C.) (...)

| April 2006 | 934 views

"Ah Sweh to Mi Mami, Martial Law"-----Lansana

COMMENTARY By Gbakanda Kamara in Norway Reading the latest news from the special court and the evidences that have been given so far in that trial, (...)

| February 2006 | 827 views

Penfold: The Ultimate in Mass Deception?

By Gbakanda Kamara in Norway Peter Penfold’s subpoena to give evidence at the Hinga Norman trial is news received with mixed feelings and high (...)

| February 2006 | 813 views

When Rogues Fall Apart...

By Alpha Saidu Bangura, Washington DC Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabba and chief Sam Hinga Norman were best of friends.As a manifestation of true (...)

| February 2006 | 683 views

What is President Kabbah Hiding?

By Alfred Munda SamForay The Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Sierra Leone, Fredric Carew, may well be a legal genius of unmatched (...)

| February 2006 | 694 views

Those Inaugural Speeches: A Reflection

By Karamoh Kabba Sierra Leone and Liberia have many things in common: They are Anglophon neighbors and hosts to liberated slaves; they had two identical (...)

| January 2006 | 1173 views

Vice President Berewa Mourns His Wife

Mrs. Deborah Berewa, the wife of the Vice President of Sierra Leone who recently passed away in the United States, has been buried in Freetown. Here is a (...)

| January 2006 | 766 views