Kabbah’s Legacy: What Kind of Democracy?

By Sekou Daouda Bangura, New Jersey, USA. On Thursday June 21 2007, at Sierra Leone’s House of Representatives, His Excellency Dr. Alhaji Ahmad Tejan (...)

| July 2007 | 902 views

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

Commentary By Alfred M. SamForay Chairman PMDC Indiana Before the SLPP became the Sierra Leone People’s Problem, it was a beacon light, of hope, (...)

| July 2007 | 590 views

Thuggery by APC supporters in Freetown.

By Teddy Foday-Musa. Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone descended into lawlessness on the 11th July, when APC supporters took to the main streets (...)

| July 2007 | 561 views

PMDC Shakes Bo

This photo of a massive PMDC march in Bo this week was sent to us by a dedicated supporter of that party who said SLPP supporters were thrown into a panic (...)

| July 2007 | 602 views

PDL Press Release

Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League Public Statement. 6 JULY 2007. Subject: Sierra Leone Threatened by (...)

| July 2007 | 583 views

Horror in Sierra Leone

By Ayo Mason, Holland. International organisations including the UN have constantly warned that the things that led to the outbreak of Sierra Leone’s (...)

| May 2007 | 20041 views

SLPP has failed on Security for Sierra Leoneans

By Teddy Foday-Musa, Holland. Security is a human right responsibility of any government of the day to its people. Such responsibility must be provided (...)

| April 2007 | 630 views