All Hands on Deck!

By Eddy Tedson, London,UK. The euphoria that greeted the election results that catapulted Ernest Koroma to the enviable position of “Managing Director” (...)

| October 2007 | 634 views

The buck stops at Koroma’s desk

By Abayomi Roberts, General Editor. I agree with and support HE President Ernest Koroma to actually let outgoing ministers work and sort out their (...)

| September 2007 | 612 views

Ernest Koroma should lead by example

By Edie Vandy, USA. Sierra Leone’s brand new President Ernest Bai Koroma, in his maiden speech Monday September 17, 2007 made a solemn pledge of (...)

| September 2007 | 727 views

The Price of Leadership

By Moses Massa, Freetown. I have been following the debates about the elections in Sierra Leone with great gusto and I was very impressed with some of (...)

| September 2007 | 610 views

September 8, 2007: A Date with Destiny

By: Ishmael Taylor-Kamara On the eve of the August 11 elections I wrote an article in another forum in which I described the 2007 elections as the most (...)

| September 2007 | 605 views

Forgive but don’t forget, just yet! --- Part 1

By: Murtada B. Tunis (Jawa). Whilst I’ll not reduce this piece to gobbledygook, I’ll like to let all and sundry know that it is too soon to forget. Yes, (...)

| September 2007 | 654 views

The run-off polls: Fears & Hopes

By Lansana Gberie. Strange things have been happening in Sierra Leone since the last nation-wide elections failed to produce an outright presidential (...)

| September 2007 | 634 views

A piece of advice from an elder statesman

By E.T.Kamara,USA. A picture paints a thousand words. In analyzing events and recent developments at the ballot box, it is clear that the people of (...)

| August 2007 | 656 views