All Hands on Deck!

All Hands on Deck!

By Eddy Tedson, London,UK. The euphoria that greeted the election results that catapulted Ernest Koroma to the enviable position of “Managing (...)

| October 2007 | 561 views

The buck stops at Koroma's desk

The buck stops at Koroma’s desk

By Abayomi Roberts, General Editor. I agree with and support HE President Ernest Koroma to actually let outgoing ministers work and sort out their (...)

| September 2007 | 544 views

Ernest Koroma should lead by example

Ernest Koroma should lead by example

By Edie Vandy, USA. Sierra Leone’s brand new President Ernest Bai Koroma, in his maiden speech Monday September 17, 2007 made a solemn pledge of (...)

| September 2007 | 653 views

The Price of Leadership

By Moses Massa, Freetown. I have been following the debates about the elections in Sierra Leone with great gusto and I was very impressed with some of (...)

| September 2007 | 540 views

September 8, 2007: A Date with Destiny

By: Ishmael Taylor-Kamara On the eve of the August 11 elections I wrote an article in another forum in which I described the 2007 elections as the most (...)

| September 2007 | 531 views

The run-off polls: Fears & Hopes

By Lansana Gberie. Strange things have been happening in Sierra Leone since the last nation-wide elections failed to produce an outright presidential (...)

| September 2007 | 566 views

A piece of advice from an elder statesman

A piece of advice from an elder statesman

By E.T.Kamara,USA. A picture paints a thousand words. In analyzing events and recent developments at the ballot box, it is clear that the people of Sierra (...)

| August 2007 | 587 views