The reasons why Sierra Leone agriculture fails

By Sorie Jawara, Washington DC, USA. My intention in this article is to discuss the problems associated with food production in Sierra Leone. Unless (...)

| November 2007 | 1088 views

The abuse of Africans must stop now!

By Ahmed Ojullah Bangura, UK. The recent ‘child kidnapping’ incident in Chad reminds me of the unfortunate demonising our beloved continent faces in the minds

| November 2007 | 705 views

My reaction to Edie Vandy’s article

By Idrissa Conteh(Atomic Pen). As a pro-democracy proponent, I enjoyed reading Eddy Vandy’s beautiful article though I may not agree with some of his (...)

| October 2007 | 1175 views

President Ernest Koroma’s shaky start

By Edie Vandy, USA. Listening to President Koroma’s BBC high profiled guest appearance on ‘Africa have your say’ with presenter Alex Jakana on Tuesday Oct. 09,

| October 2007 | 1167 views

On the Speech from the Throne(Part III)

By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria, Norway. Electricity Now or Develop Never! In my last comments on the all important first speech by His (...)

| October 2007 | 701 views

A plea for student leader Bonapha

By Teddy Foday-Musa, Holland. Rusticating students from our Sierra Leonean universities as a measure of punishment, is nothing other than allowing (...)

| October 2007 | 787 views

SLPP is on life support

By Donald Georgestone,LA,USA. Under the guidance of Dr Christiana Thorpe , the international community watched and observed democracy (...)

| October 2007 | 802 views

Sam-Sumana will deliver

By Sorie Jawara, Washington DC,USA. Dear Editors: I wish to extend my profound sincere thank you message to the editors of Patriotic Vanguard and (...)

| October 2007 | 764 views