The Koroma administration is firm

By Essa Thaim-Kurugba, USA. The APC government under the leadership of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had nothing to afraid of. He declared his assets, signed an (...)

| December 2008 | 773 views

SLPP-NA, please stop lying

By Ishmael Hedd, APC-NA Youth Director. From September 2007 after the general elections, SLPP still don’t buy it. They left the nation’s capital - (...)

| November 2008 | 973 views

My opinion on the SLAJ leadership issue

By Alhaji Jalloh, Freetown. As at Monday, three senior fellow journalists have been nominated for the presidency of the Sierra Leone Association of (...)

| November 2008 | 767 views

My take on the Kemoh Sesay issue

By Isatu Gbla Freetown. Since the cocaine issue came up leading to the suspension from duty of the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Hon. Kemoh Sesay, (...)

| November 2008 | 802 views

Ernest Koroma’s Undying Love

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown. I watched in astonishment as President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma’s state convoy drove along Kissy Road recently. I was told (...)

| November 2008 | 878 views

APC-NA branch deserves to celebrate

By Sallieu H. Conteh, President, APC, New England. His Excellency, President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma came to America with his entourage and left. He met (...)

| October 2008 | 709 views

Ghana: Quieter Campaigns from the First Ladies

By Kofi Akosah-Sarpong,Ottawa. Like the wives United States presidential candidates, the wives of Ghanaian presidential candidates are front-and-centre (...)

| October 2008 | 1098 views

Accountability Equals Sustainable Development

By Mohamed Yongawo, London, UK. Irrespective of which political flag we fly, I believe all Sierra Leoneans should stop the unrelenting sycophancy and (...)

| September 2008 | 883 views