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Poetry-----Bamba Kayaka

Bamba Kayaka By Abayomi, Charles, Punchy Roberts. There’s a street in Salone; A street named Pademba Road, Where those who dare are barred (...)

| October 2006 | 1026 views

Book Review: The Wind Within: A Novel

Review of The Wind Within: A Novel by Rachel Cecilia Jillo Massaquoi (New York: iUniverse, Inc., 2004; 189 pages, $14.95. By Lansana Gberie. The (...)

| September 2006 | 650 views

African Union: AU is for Gold

By Abayomi Charles Roberts,Edmonton, Canada Go, Africa, Go! Go for gold AU is for gold; for yours is of gold. That about which has much been told (...)

| September 2006 | 558 views

Poetry: Rhyme of the Time

Rhyme of the Time By Abayomi Charles Roberts (Punchy), Edmonton, Canada Pot slows the melt after Twin Tower crumble, Perceptions, suspicions, more (...)

| September 2006 | 654 views

Poetry----Bye Bye-oh Abayomi, Bye Bye

By Gbakanda Kamara in Norway Tem don rich for go; nartin nor dae for ever Tem don rich for ask yu sef, watin yu don do for wi Tem don rich for (...)

| July 2006 | 808 views

Book Review: Harvest of Hate

By JOHN CARTER Growing up in war-torn West Africa, he believes he’s seen the darkest part of the human heart. Still, Roland Marke believes a few (...)

| May 2006 | 883 views

POETRY------Where Are All The Flowers Gone?

Today is the birthday of one of our Norway correspondents, Mr. Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria (photo). We would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr. (...)

| April 2006 | 571 views

Poetry---Le Retour

Le Retour (The Return) By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria Are you surprised that I am on pilgrimage? Or did I begin the act of pilgrimage? That you (...)

| January 2006 | 593 views

Short Story—The Aphrodisiac

By Karamoh Kabba. Safiatu was in her prime when she arrived from Sierra Leone. Her beauty charmed both young and old men in the community at first (...)

| January 2006 | 768 views