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I Remember, a poem by Simon Moleke Njie

I Remember, a poem by Simon Moleke Njie

I Remember I remember my last day With you And of wiping your tears. I remember asking you Why you were crying And of saying- ’I thought you (...)

| August 2005 | 442 views

Poetry: Night Shift Workers

’Nightshift Workers’ is a meditation on the travails of members of the world’s oldest profession.At the best of times, this is a (...)

| August 2005 | 1363 views

Writing and Being

By Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1991. In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, signified God’s Word, the word that was (...)

| August 2005 | 506 views

The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory

The Trinidadian poet, Derek Walcott, was honoured with the Nobel prize for Literature in 1997. In this speech delivered on the ocassion, he gives us a (...)

| July 2005 | 546 views

Poetry by Mxolisi Nyezwa

Mxolisi Nyezwa is the editor of Kotaz, a truly multilingual South African journal. He was born in 1967, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He (...)

| July 2005 | 748 views

Soyinka’s Nobel Speech

On December 8 1986, the Nigerian dramatist, novelist and poet received the Nobel Prize for Literature in Stockholm, Sweden. Here is the speech he delivered (...)

| July 2005 | 742 views