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Sembene Ousmane is Dead

Veteran Senegalese writer and filmmaker Sembene Ousmane (photo) died yesterday Saturday June 9 at his residence in Dakar. He was 84. Here is information on (...)

| June 2007 | 843 views

Book Review: Salute to the remains of a peasant

PICTURES OF SHAME PORTRAIT OF A WEST AFRICAN HOLOCAUST A review of Oumar Farouk Sesay’s Salute to the Remains of a Peasant, a collection of poems (...)

| May 2007 | 1021 views

New Novel Preserves Fading African Culture

Before the footmen of the modern world sliced through the thick jungles of Africa, it flourished unspoiled. However, since imperialism has stripped much of (...)

| April 2007 | 640 views

Poetry---Books to Glow

By Abayomi Charles Roberts Books to Glow Waiting for doctor’s diagnosis Made me quite anxious, nervous Fearing SARS or Tuberculosis (...)

| April 2007 | 458 views

Edmonton Society honours Salone Poet

By Our Correspondent Abayomi Charles Roberts stayed at the University of Alberta hospital for several days in 2005. It was on November 11, Remembrance (...)

| March 2007 | 649 views

Blood Diamond Malaise

By Roland Bankole Marke Blood Diamond Malaise Wild (...)

| January 2007 | 905 views

Poetry---Bra Breeze.

Bra Breeze. By Mohamed Boye Jallo Jamboria. Look at you! Images without foundation, Born naked, to die naked. Leaping, grubbing, howling (...)

| December 2006 | 824 views

Poetry-----Bamba Kayaka

Bamba Kayaka By Abayomi, Charles, Punchy Roberts. There’s a street in Salone; A street named Pademba Road, Where those who dare are barred (...)

| October 2006 | 1004 views

Book Review: The Wind Within: A Novel

Review of The Wind Within: A Novel by Rachel Cecilia Jillo Massaquoi (New York: iUniverse, Inc., 2004; 189 pages, $14.95. By Lansana Gberie. The (...)

| September 2006 | 629 views

African Union: AU is for Gold

By Abayomi Charles Roberts,Edmonton, Canada Go, Africa, Go! Go for gold AU is for gold; for yours is of gold. That about which has much been told (...)

| September 2006 | 538 views

Poetry: Rhyme of the Time

Rhyme of the Time By Abayomi Charles Roberts (Punchy), Edmonton, Canada Pot slows the melt after Twin Tower crumble, Perceptions, suspicions, more (...)

| September 2006 | 633 views