Letter to editor

On the petroleum bill in Sierra Leone

By Jesmed Suma, USA. I personally support the position that acquisitions of interest in the petroleum sector must be transparent and must be done by (...)

| July 2011 | 639 views

On the Libyan crisis

First Name : Koyie Henry Last Name : MANSARAY Phone Number : 216-7110 23100223 Dear Editor, Thanks for the Afrocentric view expressed on this piece (...)

| July 2011 | 546 views

Hon. Philipson Kamara’s successor is unknown

Dear Editor, The article dated June 6th 2011 published on one of the Salone papers about a meeting held on May 29th, 2011 in the Wara Wara Bafodia (...)

| June 2011 | 634 views

Advertising to children

The NGO Save the Children has launched a global advertising campaign. A selected advertising agency was entrusted with the campaign to disseminate the (...)

| May 2011 | 525 views

M.E. Awareness Week

First Name : Dr John H Last Name : Greensmith Organisation : ME Free For All.org Phone Number : +44 (0) 117 956 0150 Our project, launched in plenty of (...)

| May 2011 | 506 views

Beware of current devastating scam

Beware of current devastating scam

By Alpha Lebbie, Boston, USA. Emails are currently circulating on the web advertising job postings for ’secret shoppers’ . A pay of 200-250 (...)

| January 2011 | 507 views

A devastating experience at Freetown Water Quay

Dear Editor, The Sierra Leone Water Quay is the most corrupt port in the entire universe; and the APC Governmnet should take a drastic approach and (...)

| December 2010 | 626 views

Response to Us and Them article

Editor’s note: : This is a response to an article by Dr. Hassan Sisay of Wisconsin,USA. By Saidu I. Koroma. "At issue is the question, should (...)

| December 2010 | 479 views

Reaction to BMI article

Reaction to BMI article

Dear Editor, It would be interesting to know if our dear Katherine of BMI has ever used the Freetown route before? But then again if she has, she would (...)

| November 2010 | 463 views

Message for Donald Conteh

Dear Donald, I read your article ’Sierra Leone Celebrates another Mental Health Day’. I must admit that the article is very interesting and (...)

| November 2010 | 586 views

Reaction to Oswald Hanciles’ article

Dear Mr Hanciles, Thank you for your contribution to this important discussion. I am the CEO of Africa Felix Juice, the company (tenant of First Step) (...)

| October 2010 | 727 views