From the Editor’s Keyboard

Promoting a culture of accountability in Africa

Tuesday June 6 marked the launch of Trust Africa, a new foundation based in Dakar, Senegal that will focus on conflict resolution, trade, and increasing (...)

| June 2006 | 415 views

African fans’ dilemma in Germany 2006

Our London Bureau Chief, Abu Shaw(photo) takes a look at the racist dangers lurking in Germany as African fans prepare to visit that country to enjoy live (...)

| June 2006 | 408 views

"All for Me...", says Berewa

"In a symbolic gesture, the women dressed the leader in a white flowing gown as a testimony to their marriage of him. Amid cheers and joy, the ladies (...)

| June 2006 | 465 views

PMDC Spokesman Slams Statement

A Freetown newspaper recently quoted some PMDC members as saying they don’t want a convention to elect national officials of Sierra Leone’s newest political (...)

| June 2006 | 418 views

Is John Leigh a Flip-flopper?

A searing, unsympathetic and pitiless assessment of the political career of Dr. John Ernest Leigh(photo), Sierra Leone’s former ambassador to the United (...)

| May 2006 | 572 views

Trying Charles Taylor

"There are compelling reasons for Taylor to be tried in Sierra Leone, in the presence of the numerous victims of the conflict and alongside the other (...)

| April 2006 | 441 views

Rwanda: No Lessons Learnt

Last week the world remembered the 12th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Gerald Caplan argues that understanding about the real causes of the genocide (...)

| April 2006 | 409 views

African Renaissance Begins with Languages

"The imperialist West went about subjecting the rest of the world to its memory through a vast naming system. It planted its memory on our landscape by (...)

| April 2006 | 453 views

Are Women Africa’s Last Political Hope?

"One big factor in the rise of women’s political power in Africa is affirmative action. Governments have set concrete targets for women’s participation in (...)

| April 2006 | 470 views