From the Editor’s Keyboard

NEC:The agony and trauma of vote counting

Commentary By Gibril Koroma Editor/Publisher Vancouver, Canada. I am a supporter of the East End Lions soccer club in Freetown, Sierra Leone. (...)

| September 2007 | 854 views

ECOWAS, UN, should do more

Editorial The recent visit by an ECOWAS delegation to Freetown and statements made by it’s leader, Ghana’s Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas have been a terrible (...)

| September 2007 | 733 views

The Mandate of the People Should be Sacrosanct

Commentary By Abdulai Bayraytay, Deputy Editor. Sierra Leone recently set an unprecedented record by holding mostly violence-free elections in spite (...)

| August 2007 | 935 views

Those Invalid Votes

Editorial The August 11 parliamentary and presidential elections have come and gone without any major incident. It has also been assessed as free and (...)

| August 2007 | 543 views

2007 Sierra Leone Elections: Let Democracy Thrive

Commentary. By Abdulai Bayraytay,Vanguard Deputy Editor, on vacation in Pennsylvania, USA. The just concluded August polls in the West African nation (...)

| August 2007 | 1075 views

Sierra Leone: Security Worries

Commentary By Patrick Hassan-Morlai, Vanguard Correspondent, London, UK. Any form of violence risks marring the reputation of Sierra Leone’s (...)

| August 2007 | 843 views

In Bed with the Devil for Political Power.

"So, in spite of the honest admission by the Sierra Leone Police that it is not well-equipped to provide security for the August polls, the international (...)

| July 2007 | 906 views

Sierra Leone Elections: A Plea For Calm

"The ordinary Sierra Leonean has suffered for too long. The campaign period should be used by political aspirants to think of how and what they will do (...)

| July 2007 | 740 views

Sierra Leone: Indigent Hosts and Tainted Donors

"All said and and done, with the commitment shown so far by the wider spectrum of civil society groups first by insisting on elections in 1996 that chased (...)

| June 2007 | 742 views