From the Editor’s Keyboard

Open Letter to President Kabbah on Yenga

"May I take the liberty to draw to your attention to one of your speeches in which you said that our security forces were sufficiently trained and have (...)

| July 2006 | 424 views

It’s not Over Yet

"If the Appeals Chamber approves Mr. Norman’s appeals for the Kabbah subpoena and Carpenter’s appearance, and if Gen. Mohamed is able to travel to Freetown (...)

| July 2006 | 361 views

Vice President Solomon Berewa Reacts to PMDC Petition

"That since the only requirement for being Leader of a Political Party is to be “qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament” I can properly hold the (...)

| July 2006 | 380 views

SLPP Goes International

Victor Reider(photo), the ruling SLPP’s National Pubicity Secretary gives a blow by blow account of a recent visit to Sierra Leone by some top officials of (...)

| July 2006 | 338 views

The Wheel Turns Full Circle (Parts 2 and 3)

We offer this space this week to Freetown editor Olu Gordon(photo) as he narrates his conversation with the famous student leader Hindolo Sumanguru Trye (...)

| June 2006 | 392 views

SLPP was the Lone Debate Dodger

"The impression about the SLPP is, simply, that the party does not care what the nation thinks about it, so long as it is in charge. SLPP refuses to reckon (...)

| June 2006 | 405 views

Berewa Escapes from YSLI Debate

A debate organised by the Youths for Sierra Leone Improvement(YSLI) in which three of Sierra Leone’s presidential aspirants were to face each other had to (...)

| June 2006 | 599 views


What promises to be a major constitutional and legal battle between the ruling SLPP government and the the PMDC is brewing and churning with both sides (...)

| June 2006 | 418 views

Promoting a culture of accountability in Africa

Tuesday June 6 marked the launch of Trust Africa, a new foundation based in Dakar, Senegal that will focus on conflict resolution, trade, and increasing (...)

| June 2006 | 358 views

African fans’ dilemma in Germany 2006

Our London Bureau Chief, Abu Shaw(photo) takes a look at the racist dangers lurking in Germany as African fans prepare to visit that country to enjoy live (...)

| June 2006 | 348 views