From the Editor’s Keyboard

Why insult Bai Bureh and Sierra Leone?

Commentary By Gibril Koroma, PV Editor/Publisher I heard, with utter dismay, that one of the "lanterns" in the recent lantern parade in Freetown (...)

| May 2008 | 970 views

Environmental Degradation in Kono District

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura, PV Special Correspondent, Bradford, UK. Kono district is a region that is not only rich in diamonds but also in dense forests (...)

| April 2008 | 1120 views

Breaking News: There are Sierra Leoneans in Canada!

Commentary: By Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, Editor and Publisher, the Patriotic Vanguard, Vancouver, Canada. I have been living and working in Canada for (...)

| April 2008 | 793 views

Managing HIV prevalence through society modelling

Commentary By Jia Kangbai, PV Special Correspondent,Cuttington University, Suakoko, Liberia. Managers of both HIV infection and society increasingly (...)

| March 2008 | 19105 views

Hooliganism Versus the Rule of Law in Sierra Leone

Commentary By Abdulai Bayraytay,Deputy Editor, Toronto, Canada. If media reports about the recent spate of violence in the Sierra Leonean capital of (...)

| March 2008 | 756 views

On Sundry Matters

Editorial Upsurge in Criminal Activities As a country emerging from a devastating war, Sierra Leone has been faced with various forms of criminal (...)

| March 2008 | 973 views

Urgent Call to Resolve the Yenga Impasse

EDITORIAL There are worrying signals coming from the Eastern parts of Sierra Leone over the disputed border town of Yenga between Sierra Leone and (...)

| January 2008 | 1699 views

Bye Bye 2007, Happy New Year Sierra Leone!

By Abayomi Charles Roberts in Edmonton, Canada. Years ending in seven seem to have been ominous in Sierra Leone. That was in the past 40 years, more (...)

| January 2008 | 722 views