From the Editor’s Keyboard

Hello Africa: Evolution and revolution

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura, PV Special Correspondent, London, UK. The recent rise to power of the First Black Man to be elected as president in one of the (...)

| November 2008 | 644 views

17 Things To Help Develop Sierra Leone (Final)

By Amadu Massally, President, The Sierra Leone Network, USA. In part 3 (final part) of this article we will look at the remaining indicators from the (...)

| October 2008 | 665 views

17 things to help develop Sierra Leone (part 2 of 3)

By Amadu Massally, Guest Writer, USA. In part 2 of this article we talk in more detail about those 17 things that will help Sierra Leone develop, and (...)

| October 2008 | 784 views

17 Things To Help Develop Sierra Leone(Part 1 of 3)

By Amadu Massally,Guest Writer,USA. INTRODUCTION The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a United States Government corporation designed to (...)

| October 2008 | 763 views

What about the security forces in Zim?

By Scott A Morgan, Guest Writer, USA. After years of wrangling, violence, electoral fraud (...)

| September 2008 | 401 views

Why are Sierra Leoneans the "deprived" poor?

Commentary By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura,PV Special Correspondent, UK. Sierra Leone, like most resource rich countries in the world, is naturally blessed (...)

| September 2008 | 869 views

The Obama Magic

Commentary By Daniel Tseghay, PV Special Correspondent, Vancouver, Canada. Barack Obama has been described in some very unflattering ways. They have (...)

| September 2008 | 548 views

Sanpha Koroma , a name associated with controversy

Commentary By Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief. Sanpha Koroma is no longer Secretary to the President, a post equivalent to that of (...)

| August 2008 | 844 views