From the Editor’s Keyboard

Barack Obama makes history

Commentary By Jean Jacques Bosco, PV Special Correspondent, Vancouver, Canada. On June 03, 2008, in St Paul, Minnesota, after 16 months of a long (...)

| June 2008 | 1697 views

The West versus Mugabe

By Charles Quist-Adade, PhD. I am no admirer of Robert Mugabe. In fact, I am turned off by Mugabe’s stubborn and single-minded zeal to rule Zimbabwe for (...)

| May 2008 | 679 views

Let’s call a spade a spade

Commentary By Patrick Hassan-Morlai,PV Special Correspondent, London, UK. If you are an avid Sierra Leone news reader/follower, you would have by now (...)

| May 2008 | 9088 views

Why insult Bai Bureh and Sierra Leone?

Commentary By Gibril Koroma, PV Editor/Publisher I heard, with utter dismay, that one of the "lanterns" in the recent lantern parade in Freetown (...)

| May 2008 | 820 views

Environmental Degradation in Kono District

By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura, PV Special Correspondent, Bradford, UK. Kono district is a region that is not only rich in diamonds but also in dense forests (...)

| April 2008 | 872 views

Breaking News: There are Sierra Leoneans in Canada!

Commentary: By Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, Editor and Publisher, the Patriotic Vanguard, Vancouver, Canada. I have been living and working in Canada for (...)

| April 2008 | 715 views