From the Editor’s Keyboard

What about the security forces in Zim?

By Scott A Morgan, Guest Writer, USA. After years of wrangling, violence, electoral fraud (...)

| September 2008 | 363 views

Why are Sierra Leoneans the "deprived" poor?

Commentary By Ahmed Ojulla Bangura,PV Special Correspondent, UK. Sierra Leone, like most resource rich countries in the world, is naturally blessed (...)

| September 2008 | 826 views

The Obama Magic

Commentary By Daniel Tseghay, PV Special Correspondent, Vancouver, Canada. Barack Obama has been described in some very unflattering ways. They have (...)

| September 2008 | 512 views

Sanpha Koroma , a name associated with controversy

Commentary By Alpha Rashid Jalloh, PV Freetown Bureau Chief. Sanpha Koroma is no longer Secretary to the President, a post equivalent to that of (...)

| August 2008 | 796 views

State House and State Secrets

Commentary By Gibril Koroma Editor/Publisher Vancouver, Canada When I was a kid growing up in Freetown in the late 60s and 70s, I, like most (...)

| August 2008 | 3596 views

A Great Day for the APC in North America

EDITORIAL Today, Saturday August 23, is a great day for members and supporters of the ruling All People’s Congress in the United States of America and (...)

| August 2008 | 316 views

Sierra Leone police under the spotlight

EDITORIAL The Sierra Leone police force, like most of the police forces in Africa, has traditionally not been friends of the media or members of the (...)

| August 2008 | 438 views

Sierra Leone: Acting when it’s too late

Commentary By Gibril Koroma, Editor/Publisher, Vancouver, Canada. In a recent commentary I observed that most times we Sierra Leoneans only (...)

| August 2008 | 519 views

The elections are over, let’s get back to work

Commentary By Gibril Koroma Editor/Publisher There was yet again another clash between APC and SLPP supporters in Freetown Wednesday morning. (...)

| August 2008 | 471 views

On the military coup in Mauritania

By Scott A Morgan, Guest Writer. After a period of silence, the United States is adding its voice to the collective international choir that has (...)

| August 2008 | 548 views

Sierra Leone: Mining Troubles

Commentary By Gibril Koroma Editor/Publisher Sierra Leone is facing serious difficulties in the mining industry and the recent disaster at the (...)

| August 2008 | 675 views