From the Editor’s Keyboard

Rape incident: More information needed

By Isatu Gbla, PV Senior Correspondent, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Some of you may be wondering about the rape incident that took place on Monday morning (...)

| March 2009 | 669 views

Violence in Sierra Leone is Unacceptable

By Roland Bankole Marke, PV Special Correspondent, Florida, USA. Well meaning compatriots and friends of Sierra Leone have been working assiduously to (...)

| March 2009 | 480 views

Last Word

By Lango Deen, Guest Writer, USA. Growing up in Murray Town, a small fishing village in the West end of Freetown with a mix of Themnes, Krios, and other (...)

| March 2009 | 535 views

Sierra Leone needs a modern presidential palace

By Anthony Kamara (Snr),Guest Writer,Winnipeg, Canada. Our country Sierra Leone, the third British West African Colony to attain independence (...)

| February 2009 | 3713 views

What legacy are we building for the young generation?

By Mohamed.C.Bah, Guest Writer,Ex-President Sierra Leone Community, Atlanta, GA. Legacy is a historic footprints of our long standing public works. It (...)

| February 2009 | 695 views

Explaining DENI to the people

By Amadu Massallay, PV Special Correspondent,Texas, USA. Greetings all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans especially, and all Sierra Leoneans in general. (...)

| February 2009 | 390 views

Good fences make good neighbours

By Saidu Kaye Sesay, PV Special Correspondent, London, UK. On the 3rd of January, last, we had a date with President Ernest Koroma at State House. It (...)

| February 2009 | 647 views

Obama’s Inauguration: A Rarity of Rarities

By Paul Duwai-Sowa (Ndevuii), Guest Writer, Toronto, Canada. The United States of America has begun a new phase in its history to have elected and now (...)

| January 2009 | 753 views

On Osman Bangura’s letter and the DENI concept

Commentary By Gibril Koroma, Editor/Publisher, The Patriotic Vanguard. Osman Bangura I would like to first comment briefly on a recent (...)

| January 2009 | 733 views